Learning Environment Committee

Mandate for the Learning Environment Committee (LMU)

På norsk: Læringsmiljøutvalget (LMU)

The Learning Environment Committee (LMU) is an advisory body for NTNU’s Board and management. In cooperation with management, the Committee is to help the university to develop a favourable study environment, improve student welfare and a sound working environment for students. 

The Committee is to:

  1. have the right to make suggestions and statements in matters concerning the students' learning environment
  2. participate in the planning of measures related to the learning environment
  3. closely follow developments in matters concerning the students' safety and welfare including the physical and psychological working environment 
  4. submit an annual report to the Board on NTNU’s work in addressing the students' learning environment

Approved by Rector on 11 September 2003 with reference to the decision of the Board of NTNU (S-sak 43/03)

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