Laboratory and workshop handbook

The Laboratory and Workshop Handbook is a guideline on how to work safely in laboratories and workshops.

Norsk versjon - Laboratorie- og verkstedhåndbok

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Laboratory and workshop handbook #

Laboratory and workshop handbook 7th ed. - 1 August 2018 (pdf)

Pocket edition #

Students and employees who work in laboratories and workshops will be given a pocket edition of the Laboratory and Workshop Handbook. You should always have this edition available where you work.

Revision #

The Laboratory and Workshop Handbook was revised every two years up to and including 2018. Based on feedback from NTNU's units and a relatively small number of books ordered in recent years, the Laboratory and Workshop Handbook will gradually be phased out.


  • The Laboratory and Workshop Handbook must be used by all faculties, departments and units at NTNU.
  • The Laboratory and Workshop Handbook is an important part of NTNU's comprehensive HSE efforts (document in Norwegian).
  • Different groups can also develop additional routines and instructions which can be published on the faculty's or group's own HSE web pages. 

NTNU regulations #

Contact #

HSE Section: Arve Johansen

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