Job retraining

If, because of illness, age, injury or other circumstances, you cannot do your job, NTNU can make sure that you don't have to leave your employment. This is called in-house rehabilitation or retraining and applies to all faculties, departments and groups at NTNU.

Your immediate supervisor is the one who is responsible for ensuring that you are offered work that is adapted to your circumstances, but both you and your superviors can get help from the HSE division. The personnel division will help with anything that has to do with money or finances.

The kinds of measures that could be taken include trying other work assigments or other workplaces, training, retraining, and post or continuing education.  

You can read more about responsibilities, measures and regulations in the following document (in Norwegian): Regulations governing in-house rehabilitation/training (pdf). Her finner du mer informasjon om ansvar, tiltak og regelverk.

Contact #

HSE: Tove Gjelset

Personnel Division: Brit Stolsmo

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