Itslearning is NTNU's Internet-based system for teaching and learning.  Looking for something else? Topic page about IT help  

Norsk versjon - Itslearning

In 2017 NTNU is replacing Itslearning (and Fronter) with the new e-learning system Blackboard. On 15 July Itslearning close and you will no longer have access. 

See topic page for students and topic page for employees for what you have to do take care of your content, as well as other important information on the transition to Blackboard.

Log in #

 Log into itslearning 

 Itslearning for former HiST  For classes at former HiST, in Trondheim  

Are you a new student at NTNU? #

Before you can get access to itslearning you must:

  1. Pay your semester fee on Studentweb.
  2. Register yourself for classes on Studentweb.
  3. Activate your NTNU user account.

Itslearning user manual #

Access to courses from previous semesters #

When the semester is over, the courses you have taken are put in an archive that is still accessible to you from itslearning. Here is how to access it:

  1. Log on to itslearning.
  2. Choose the  Emner tab (Courses).
  3. Choose Vis Arkiverte (Show archived courses) on the right of the button row, over the list of courses that you are currently enroled in or responsible for.
  4. Open the course you want to see.

If you want the course to remain on your main page, just click on the star next to the course name so that it turns gold. 

If you are an instructor who would like your students to continue to be able to see your course on their course home page, do the following:

  1. Log on to itslearning and choose Emner (Courses)
  2. Click on Arkiverte (Archived)
  3. Open the course that you are interested in
  4. Go into Innstillinger (Settings) and choose Egenskaper (Properties)
  5. Then choose Hent fra Arkiv (Get from the archive)

The course should now be visible to all students and instructors who participated in the course.

Groups and assignments #

Read about how you work with groups and assignments in itslearning (Norwegian).

Tools for questionnaires and tests #

Learn more about questionnaires in itslearning (Norwegian). There are a number of different user manuals found on itslearning.

Deleting old courses and projects #

In 2014 NTNU’s Prorector for Education in cooperation with the University Education Committee decided that versions of courses in itslearning that are older than five years from when the particular course page was closed/archived will be deleted. The same applies to projects that are older than three years and have not been used in the past six months. These guidelines will be applied in the storage routines for this learning platform in the future. This means that the oldest courses and projects will be deleted consecutively. Information about deleting will be published via operating reports and in the itslearning platform.

FAQ - for students #

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) from students 

I can't log in.

  • Check to make sure you are registered as an NTNU student. Log in to Studentweb and check to see if you are registered (undervisningsmeldt) in the courses you plan to take. You also have to be registered for the semester and have paid the semester fee. Once you have done all of this, you should have access to Itslearning in a few days. If you have already gone through all of these steps and are registered, contact Orakel Support Services,

I get too many/not enough/the wrong courses on my main page in Its learning.

  • If you are missing courses, log in to Studentweb and register for the courses you are missing. You should have access to these courses the day after you do this. Distance learning students can contact NTNU Videre.

How do I activate a course that is archived?

  • When the semester is over, your courses are archived in Its learning. All students and instructors who previously had access to the course and who want to have access again, can follow the steps mentioned earlier in this guide.

FAQ - for employees #

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) from employees 

I can't log in:

  • You may not be correctly registered as an instructor at NTNU. Contact and ask them to check. 

The wrong courses come up on my list:

  • Contact the individual who is responsible for the course and ask him or her to either add or remove you as a course instructor.

Can I take a course?

  • Courses are arranged for instructors/lecturers at the beginning and at the end of every semester. Watch for announcements on Innsida. You can also check out the User Manual (Norwegian).

Courses #

NTNU arranges basic- and advanced courses once per semester. Look for messages on Innsida for information. If your academic environment has need of specific courses, contact the division responsible for Itslearning.

Contact #

User support: Orakel Support Services

Studies Division is responsible for  Itslearning. The contact person is Berit Danielsen Løvås

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