Intellectual property rights

17.12.20: From 1 January there is a new policy, and this page will soon be updated. 

Intellectual property rights generated as a result of the use of NTNU resources shall as a rule be owned by NTNU. Our partners should have the experience that they have the right to have commercial gain from their own operations. Sensitive information must be handled properly and professionally by NTNU employees and students. At the same time,  NTNU policies must ensure the academic freedom of the university and its researchers.

Norsk versjon - Immaterielle rettigheter - IPR  

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Guidelines #

In accordance with the European University Association recommendations, intellectual rights generated by NTNU resources shall as a rule be owned by NTNU.

To ensure as broad an application as possible of the results of the university's research, trade and industry and work partners are giventhe right to use NTNU ideas and inventions mainly through licensing.

Practical tips for innovation projects #

In "Guidelines for innovation (pdf)" (in Norwegian) (revised version will be available at the turn of the year 2019) you can find advice for individuals and groups regarding:

  • Patentable inventions
  • Externally financed research
  • Cooperation with SINTEF
  • Combined positions
  • Use of premises and infrastructure
  • Conflict of interests

Guidelines from the Research Council of Norway #

Contact #

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