Insurance during exhcange stays

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Under construction. Please get in touch with one of our exhcange studies advisors for more information regarding insurance provided to students with legal residency in Norway. 


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Link to the Topic overview page on exchange studies [LENKE]

You yourself are responsible for having proper travel and health insurance when studying abroad. As a legally valid resident of Norway for more than 12 months, you are usually automatically a part of the Norwegian National Health Insurance scheme. If you are here for a shorter stay, you will  have to ensure that you have sufficient health and travel insurance. 

Health insurcance via the State Educational Load Fund #

If you have a EEA-citizenship and are receiving funding from the Norwegian State Educational Loan Fund to go on an exchange stay you are automatically insured during your exchange stay. A confirmation of this insurance is automatically sent by HELFO after your application for funding is approved. You can read more about what this insurance scheme covers at

Get in touch with NAV at an early stage to confirm that you are a member of the Norwegian health insurance shceme. 

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