Information security

(Videresendt fra Information safety)

Information safety means safety in all types of information processing, using all kinds of tools and methods.

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Governing documents #

These documents describe the management's goals for information, and the concrete goals NTNU has set for safety.

Rules and routines #

See this page on NTNU's global routines and suggestions for local information safety routines(in Norwegian).

Personal information #

If you are handling personal information at NTNU you have to follow these routines(in Norwegian).

Classifying information at NTNU #

All information treated at NTNU should be classified.The classes are: Open / Internal / Confidental / Strictly confidental.Read more in chapter 3 of the Principles for information safety at NTNU document(in Norwegian).

Safety on mobile units #

Secure your mobile units (telephone and tablet) so that the contents can't be accessed by unauthorized persons. Read more about what you should do to keep the information on your mobile units private in the requirements to information safety in mobile units(in Norwegian).

Proprietary material #

Are you in danger of breaking the rules for treating proprietary material (in Norwegian)?

Information safety - everybody's responsibility #

Users are important in keeping information safety high. It is important to know what affects the safety, and it's your responsibility to take this into consideration. Regular users usually don't need in-depth knowledge of information safety. The most important thing is to know your own role, and knowledge of what you should and shouldn't do and why. You will find more useful information in the Also see section of this page. Talk to your local IT support for more information.

Internet Traffic Limit in Student Villages #

See: Traffic limit Student villages

Also see #

Contact information #

Head of IT safety: Beate Kristin Ellerås Atkinson/Ole Ingvard Langfeldt

For other safety questions, contact the direction of organization and information, Ida Munkeby.

Orakel Support Services can help if you encounter difficulties. If you are an NTNU employee, consult your local IT Support.

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