Infection control

Infection control - lecturers responsibilities

Norwegian version: Smittevern - forelesers ansvar

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The lecturer reminds everyone in the room that they should always keep a minimum distance of 1 metre to other people, even when leaving the classroom or the auditorium.

Entering and leaving classrooms #

The rooms must be filled and emptied in a safe manner in accordance with the 1-metre rule. Some rooms will have signposts marking the entrance and exit, others will be marked with arrows.

  • The lecturer asks the students closest to the exit to leave the room first.
  • The lecturer ensures that the students use the correct door when they leave the room.
  • The lecturer can encourage students to go outdoors during breaks. This is especially true in auditoriums on Stripa and in other common areas where congestion can easily occur.

Registration of attendance at teaching activities #

NTNU wants to assist the host municipalities in the important work with infection tracing, in a given case of Covid-19 on campus. We want to register the names and mobile numbers of students who have attended teaching, in order to easily get in touch with possible infected people if a sick person has been present in the room.

Now everyone can easily register their participation in teaching at NTNU (scheduled activities) using NTNU check-in.

You use your mobile phone to scan a QR code that is specific to the room you are going into. This QR code will hang at the entrance to and inside all classrooms at NTNU.

Lecturers are encouraged to start teaching with the QR code on the big screen.

Cleaning #

All auditoriums and rooms with flat floors are equipped with cleaning equipment. Disposable wipes for cleaning touch panels, screens, keyboards, etc. are provided at the lecturer’s area.

  • The lecturer cleans his own workplace before or after the lecture.
  • The lecturer reminds the students that they can take a disposable wipe on their way into the classroom and wipe the table BEFORE they sit down.
  • The lecturer can notify the Campus Service in the custodial services system (e-vaktmester) if cleaning equipment is missing or in need of improvement.
  • The lecturer contributes to the quick emptying of the room, so that the cleaners can get access.

Large auditoriums #

Campus Service cleans tables and desks between lectures in large auditoriums at 10.00–10.15, 12.00–12.15, 14.00–14.15 and 16.00–16.15.

Applies to: D15, D10, D1, T2, JC1, JD2, A001, KJL5, KJL1, H3, S7, S5, S6, S8, VE1, S3, S2, EL5, F1, R8, R5, R2, R7, R1 , KBA, LA21, VG1, ØHA1, A2, A1, KA12.

Gjovik: 1/3 Eureka, 2/3 Eureka and S206

Smaller auditoriums and classrooms with flat floors #

If students are unsure whether the space they are going to use is clean, they can clean it with the disposable wipes that are provided in the room.

Applies to: classrooms with flat floor and D3, D2, D4, D5, D6, A011, T1, Suhmaud, A120, AA101, A123, B2, F3, F4, EL4, B1, EL1, F2, H1, EL2, F6, S4, S1, G1, EL6, EL3, KJL2, R9, VG2, A31, A34, ØHA11, NA, MTA, P1, A32, A3, KA11.

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