Illness during exam

If you cannot take an examination due to illness or for other pressing reasons, you must apply for legitimate absence. 

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Note that if you have one exame that runs over several days, the department may consider giving you a delayed deadline for submission. Contact the responsible department about this. If you then submit by the deadline, you do not need to apply for a valid absence on the exam.

Use of self-certification for absence from exams #

If you are ill or for other compelling reasons you cannot participate in an exam, NTNU will approve self-certification ("egenmelding") as legitimate absence from the exam in the autumn semester 2020. This applies both to absence related to the extraordinary coronavirus situation and absence due to illness with other causes.

Mandatory quarantine, where you are otherwise in good health, is not a valid reason for not taking a home exam. 

You must still submit an application to get absence approved as legitimate, but you do not need to attach documentation from a doctor or health professional.

Application form and deadline  #

The deadline for applying for legitimate absence is at the latest one week after the first examination that the absence applies to. The form for applying for approval of absence from an exam is available in NTNU Help. To access the form, you must log in via Feide.

Illness during exams  #

If you become ill during an exam, you use the same form for self-certification (the application form above). Do not submit your exam answer paper in such cases. Note that your answer will be automatically submitted if you have answered at least one question in Inspera. To avoid submitting something unintentionally, we recommend that you use the “Submit blank” option, especially if you have opened the test and viewed the question set. To submit blank, go to the menu in the top right-hand corner of the screen.

If you have submitted the exam answer paper, this will override a self-certification of absence that you submit afterwards. In other words, you cannot withdraw an exam answer paper after you have submitted it. 

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