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Collection of routines and documents internal to IVM

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Meld inn feil eller behov/Register problems, defects in your office #

Fra 1. juni 2016 måtte alle ansatte meld inn feil på kontoret (for eksempel vask, lys fungerer ikke, lås er tregg) på denne adressen:

From 1st June 2016, all the staff members can register any defects in the office (like cleaning not done, light not working etc.) to this link

Our building is owned by Sintef and that is why any problems or defects have to be notified to them. In the past the konsulent had this responsibility, but now the staff members need to directly send the issue to Sintef.

Alarm Intructions #

  • The alarm is armed weekdays from 20:00 to 07:00, and during weekends. 
  • Before the alarm system automatically arms at 20:00, it gives a loud signal and time for you to disarm the alarm. The instructions are given next to the card reader.
  • (At 20:00 the signal will continue even though you have deactivated the alarm, but the alarm will not go off.)
  • Disarming the alarm system will give you 2 more hours before another signal is given to automatically arm the building again.

Please be aware that there is two separate alarm systems: one in the 3rd floor and one in the 4th floor.

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