How to find available articles

Norsk versjon: Hvordan finne tilgjengelige artikler

You will find open accessible articles in pure open access journals and in ordinary subscription journals - where the author have paid for the article to be open access.

There are even open accessible articles in institutional and other academic repositories/archives like arXiv and NTNU Open

Here are some ways to open accessible scholarly articles: 

1. Install browser plugins to find open versions

Search for articles in the way you are used to and use “extensions” in the browser to show you where to find open accessible versions of an article (you will need to download and install the plug-ins in your web browser). 

We recommend these tools covering most content:


icon: UnpaywallUnpaywall (for Chrome and Firefox)

Plug-in that will lead you to an open accessible version of the article you are reading – if there are any.


icon:open access button

Open Access Button (works best on Chrome and Firefox)

The plug-in will show you an open accessible version of the article you are trying to find – if there is any. In addition, you can reach out to the authors and ask them to archive the article in to an open academic repository.


icon: google scholar buttonGoogle Scholar Button (for Chrome)

The plug-in will help you use Google Scholar to find the full text article – even though you are searching in other webpages.


For NTNU users with PCs managed by the IT department it is possible to search for "Article Search Extensions" in the "Software Center" on your PC and install all three plug-ins from there.


2. Contact the author or other researchers

Often researchers can share articles that are not open access between themselves (depending on the agreement with the publisher) - so called ‘scholarly sharing’. Please send the author an email or contact him / her via the social research networks - most researchers gladly share their articles with others.

3. Contact the Library

It is possible to get hold of articles that are not openly accessible and are not in the library portfolio, from other libraries in Norway or abroad. Search Oria and order the article, and the library will do its best in trying to get hold of it for you.


Relevant articles

Negotiations on journal access agreements


The library support-service - for questions regarding the negotiations
Ståle Sand Kalkvik - if you have suggestions for the website
Contact your local library - if you have other questions

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