How to apply for extension of employment period for PhD - due to corona

Applications for extension of employment periods for PhD Candidates due to the Corona virus outbreak.

Norsk versjon - Slik kan du søke om forlenget ansettelse som stipendiat - grunnet korona

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Extension of employment period #

PhD Candidates whose progress has been hindered by the Corona virus outbreak may have the right to an extension of their employment period. An extension may be granted if significant obstacles to progress due to the Corona virus outbreak can be demonstrated.

Grounds for an extension are set out in the provisions below, in accordance with the regulations for conditions of employment of PhD Candidates:

  • § 2-3 (1). Leave of absence
  • § 2-3 (2). Care for children/ close family members
  • § 2-3 (3). Leave of absence in order to undertake short-term research or teaching positions
  • § 2-3 (6). The appointing body may, in exceptional cases, grant an extension where circumstances have hindered progression within the doctoral programme

Although the provisions in the regulations for conditions of employment of PhD Candidates may be cited as grounds for an extension at any time, § 2-3 (6) may be cited as grounds for an extension specifically due to delays caused by the Corona virus outbreak.

Instructions for how to apply for such an extension are as follows:

Registration in the HR-Portal (PAGA) #

Absence from work due to service in the Healthcare Sector or required participation within the 15 Critical Sectors must be registered in the HR-Portal by the PhD Candidate, and will be processed through the HR-Portal.

For absence due to care of children/close family members, NTNU`s regulations apply.

Absence must be registered by the employee in the HR-Portal, in conjunction with HR where necessary.

If you have undertaken a heavier teaching load as a result of the Corona virus outbreak, your Department will note this information in your HR file. This will form the basis of the extension.

Extension application form #

If your progress has been hindered by delays in data collection or experimental work, you may apply for an extension. You can get the application form by contacting your Faculty or Department.

Sub-optimal conditions for working-from-home are not considered grounds for an extension. Extensions for such reasons will be considered towards the end of the employment period in accordance with normal practice.

General information and criteria used to assess extension requests and grant extensions due to the Corona virus pandemic.

In accordance with the Administration Act  an application for an extension should be processed within about one month, possibly resulting in a preliminary response in the first instance. If you have not received a response to your application within one month, please make contact with the HR Office in your Faculty (in Norwegian).

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