Hostmasters at NTNU

Questions on domains, DNS (Domain Name System) and IP addresses can be sent to the hostmaster (via Orakel Support Services).

What the hostmaster does #

  • Provides general advice concerning DNS.
  • Updates and administers domains and domain names that are associated with NTNU.
  • Offers free DNS services for units and organizations with a formal or semi-formal relationship with NTNU.
  • Processes applications for new domain names under ntnu.no and ntnu.edu as well as related domains under .no owned by NTNU.
  • Keeps machine listings under ntnu.no updated.
  • Assigns permanent IP addresses (in Norwegian) to servers and printers.
  • Offers DHCP (in Norwegian) for for most networks at NTNU.

What doesn't the hostmaster help with? #

  • Internal web address forwarding at NTNU, for example, if www.ntnu.no/fisk/ needs to be redirected to www.online.no/fisk/ -- contact Orakel Support Services for help with this.
  • Set up or configure individual name servicers (but we can offer the use of our name servers).
  • Manage or create private domains, such as privatecompany.no or fakedomain.com - contact an external DNS provider.
  • Set up printer queues (read the article about setting up a printer queue on printhost in Norwegian).

Contact #

A number of IT employees serve as hostmasters. You can contact the hostmaster by sending an email to Orakel Support Services.

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