Horizon 2020

Horizon 2020 - financial incentive programmes

NTNU has two incentive programmes for participation in Horizon 2020, and a few peripheral activities:

– Additional funding for projects that are granted financial support
– Positions as PhD Candidates or Postdoctoral Fellows in collaboration projects coordinated by NTNU, as well as ERC projects

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See also: Horizon 2020

Additional funding #

Projects that are accepted for Horizon 2020, and a few peripheral activities, receive additional funding from NTNU.

Which types of projects are included in the programme? #

Projects that fall under the EU's Frame Programme for Research and Innovation (Horizon 2020) and under some peripheral activities like JTI/JU and Eurostars.ERA-NET-projects will also receive incentive funding.

Who receives the additional funding? #

The funding is granted to the project group and is at the disposal of the project manager. In projects where several departments/faculties are involved, it is recommended that the funding is evenly distributed between the participating departments, proportionate to the budgeted EU income. An alternative distribution can be agreed. Use of the funds is agreed with the applicable heads of department. If several faculties are involved – and the distribution of the funds from the project is not proportional with the budgeted EU income per faculty – the distribution must be approved by the respective faculties.

What should the additional funding be used for? #

The funding should be used to academic activities related to the project. Project costs that are not accepted by the EU or exceed the budget limits must be taken from the incentive funding, unless the project manager receives an explicit approval from the head of department to place these costs with the department. The additional funding cannot be used as extra salary for the project manager or other permanent staff. It can be used to fund a postdoc, fellow or other temporary staff to work on tasks which are relevant for the EU-funded project.

How much is disbursed? #

  • In collaboration projects where NTNU is the coordinator, the funding from NTNU constitutes 25 % of NTNU's share of the budgeted EU grant.
  • In collaboration projects where NTNU is a partner, the funding from NTNU constitutes 15 % of NTNU's share of the budgeted EU grant.
  • Where NTNU is the only party to the contract (monopartner), the funding from NTNU constitutes 15 % of NTNU's share of the budgeted EU grant.

When is the funding disbursed? #

  • The project budget must be registered in the Maconomy accounting system.
  • The funding is disbursed annually, in April/May, with a supplementary payment in November/December. The calculation is based on the contribution from EU, multiplied with the percentage rate (25 percentage or 15 percentage). It is distributed evenly during the lifetime of the project. The total calculated sum for the incentive funding shall be inserted in a separate field in Maconomy.
  • Guidance for the financial officer - calculations for use in Maconomy.
  • The funding is provided for the duration of the contract with the European Commission.
  • The funding must be used within one year from the end of the project. Unused funds are returned.

Positions as PhD Candidates or Postdoctoral Fellows for coordinated collaboration projects and ERC projects #

In addition to the programme described in Additional funding (above), the following projects are granted a 3-year PhD Candidate or a 2-year Postdoctoral Fellow:

  • Collaboration projects in Horizon 2020 that are coordinated by NTNU, and with a budgeted EU grant to NTNU for the duration of the project period of at least € 500 000.
  • Recipients of ERC grants

Contact #

EU advisers – contact persons and support at the faculty and the University Administration.

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