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As a new employee at NTNU, you are eligible to get help from NTNU to find suitable housing. The housing office helps the employees locate and apply for housing in Trondheim's  housing market. Employees from outside of Norway have first priority when applying for housing.

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Housing help for NTNU employees #

 NTNU has an  application gateway, where you must apply for housing, including NTNU/SINTEF Boligstiftelsen. The form also gives you access to the discounted services from Utleiemegleren AS, Norway’s largest letting agency that has an agreement with the university to help employees find housing. Once you have filled out the application form, the information will be sent to the hosting Department/Faculty for verification; NTNU's Boligformidling will then process the application. Processing applications could take up to 4 weeks so it is recommended that you apply in good time.

Utleiemegleren AS also offer services to employees of NTNU going abroad, wishing to rent out their property. Contact Boligformidling for more information;

Staff and students at NTNU are encouraged to advertise the rental of their homes on NTNU's Intranet message channel for housing.

Private landlords in Trondheim should contact Boligformidling who will advertise their property for them or put them in contact with employees seeking accommodation;

 You can also read more about  NTNU's housing policy and the way the university assigns housing here;

Simplify Your Housing Search #

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