Guidelines for online teaching

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Online teaching is more than just gathering students in an online lecture. Here you will find tips and advice on how to facilitate and conduct varied online teaching.

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If you want to gather your students online, NTNU offers the tool Blackboard Collaborate. Blackboard Collaborate is very well suited for online real-time teaching. Here you can read about commended practice in Collaborate (such as webinars).

General recommendations #

How to organize online sessions: First, consider whether the lecture should be real-time, or screen shots shared with the students. If the lecture has little degree of interaction, we recommend making a video to share with the students in Blackboard.

Ensure good and clear communication with your students: It is best if the departments internally have a common approach on how to communicate with the students. How the department choose to communicate with the students is shared with the students through announcements in the Blackboard courses.

Creating and editing announcements.

See also: Blackboard Guide and EesySoft-recourses available in Blackboard.

Courses in online teaching are being continuously updated

Blackboard Collaborate Ultra #

Instructional videos for Blackboard Collaborate

If you are going to give a lecture to more than 250 participants in Blackboard Collaborate, you must register a new request with NTNU Help as soon as possible so that we can assist you.

Creating content for use in online teaching #

While preparing your lecture, you might need to make video or sound-files to the students. The courses below will help you learn how, and you can find other support resources and participate in discussions with other lecturers.

Relevant online courses #

Learning through video

This course teaches you how to easily create video from home, and guides you through the production process, using available technology. It facilitates teaching that does not need to take place in real time, and allows recording and learning to take place without fixed time.

After, you can organize discussions, for example in the Blackboard Collaborate for guidance and support of the students. You will also find content about recording presentation and audio in PowerPoint

More courses on digital teaching in “digit”.

We recommend doing screen recording in:

  • Powerpoint: This type of recording does not produce large files, which increases the ease of use. See the Microsoft Guide for help.
  • Collaborate: This may be easier for anyone who wants to relate to just one tool at the beginning. The recordings can be shared in the subject rooms of Blackboard with few gripes. See tutorials in Blackboard to get started.

Save and share teaching videoes #

You can use MyMediasite to save and share teaching videoes.

Video recording in studio #

At NTNU in Trondheim, teachers have the opportunity to make video recordings in a studio. This is auditorium F1 at Gløshaugen. We will arrange more rooms if there is a large demand.

You can also use our studio at Kalvskinnet room G254 (map). To book time in the studio, please send an email to kontakt@lss.ntnu

You will be contacted and receive follow-up throughout the process. Please note that thorough infection control measures are being taken to secure rooms and equipment. You will be told what actions you must take yourself before and after you have recorded.

Podcast #

How to create a podcast for use in teaching by using your own smartphone or computer, or in a studio where we have faciliated infection control.

Ask and find answers about video production and podcast #

In the Teams channel "Hjelp til digitale læremidler" you can ask questions and get help in how to use video and podcasts in your teaching.

How to prepare and lead learning activities  #

There are some good tips in this article; Hvordan forberede og lede læringsaktiviteter i disse koronatider (only in Norwegian), (Rune Hjelsvold at Excited, Center for Outstanding IT Education).

Production Support #

In the Teams channel "Hjelp til digitale læremidler" (Help with digital resources for learning), you can get help using video and podcast in your teaching.

You can also join the team by opening the Microsoft Teams application and selecting "Join a team with a code" / "Join a team with a code" and then enter the code "avb1cf3".

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