Guide to Innsida

Guides to common intranet tasks and basic functions.

Norwegian version: Innsida

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How to use Innsida - 1-2-3 #

  1. My Page - read messages and news and use shortcuts/bookmarks
  2. Find contents - use topic navigation and search
  3. Edit your profile 

News and events #

Shortcuts #

In the bookmarks section on My Page you can :

  • Create shortcuts to IT systems that you use often
  • Add personal bookmarks
  • See common bookmarks for everybody at NTNU 

Remember to use the waffle menu in the top left corner for quick access to often used systems.

Course schedule and courses #

My profile #

Wiki #

Use the search field at the top right to find what you're looking for. The search field searches among:

  • help pages, user guides, routine descriptions etc.
  • persons - employees and students with contact information
  • courses and study programmes
  • messages and message channels
  • units (faculties, departments, divisions and sections).

Contents guide - find help #

Use the tab "Topic" located on the black menu at the top of the page. You will find a list of central topics for employees and students.

Other functionality #

Contact and help #

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