Get started with your NTNU computer

This information is for those who have been given a computer that's running Windows 10 and is administrated by NTNU IT. Your computer being administered by NTNU comes with a couple of perks, where a lot of things are already configured for you, as detailed further below in this article.

Norsk versjon - Kom i gang med din NTNU-PC

New machines comes with a brochure, which is available as a PDF.

Important #

  • The first time you log onto your computer, it has to be done on campus while connected to the internet, either by cable or wireless. After logging in for the first time, you don't have to be connected to a network to log in.

New features in Windows 10 #

If you have upgraded your computer from Windows 7 to Windows 10, we have some new features for you:

  • This computer has a new common NTNU configuration with Windows 10, Office 2016, Skype for Business, OneDrive for Business, NTNU Support (remote assistance) and “Software Center” (application installation).
  • Automatic connection to wireless network on campus.
  • Automatic connection for various NTNUresources, giving you seamless access to i.e. network drives (M and K) off campus.
  • Automatic sync of your documents folder to your home directory (M), giving you seamless access from any computer.
  • For security reasons ePhorte has to be run via Software farm from the Start menu().

Software #

  • Install your software from “Software Center” found in the Start menu or on the Desktop.
  • It could take some time before programs becomes available in Software Center, but you could speed up the process manually: 
    → Open Control Panel.
    Configuration Manager (use the search function if you cannot find it)
    → Go to the Actions-tab
    → Choose Machine Policy Retrieval & Evaluation Cycle
    → Click Run now
    → A pop-up will appear, close this and the control panel, and wait for a couple of minutes while the client fetches the software.
  • Software missing in “Software Center”? Send a request to
  • NTNU’s Software Farm gives you access to a lot of Windows programs from the Start menu – without having to install them. Do an Innsida search on “farm” for more info.

Printers #

  • Your department’s printers are automatically added to your computer.
  • Choose your default printer:
    → Right-click Start ()
    → Control Panel
    → Devices and Printers
    → Right-click the printer
    → Set as default printer

Internet and Wi-Fi #

  • The Windows 10 configuration provided by NTNU will automatically give you access to the campus wireless network. This network is called NTNU-MA and it authenticates your computer so that you are already connected to the internet before you log on. NTNU-MA is only visible on     
  • If you are experiencing problems with NTNU-MA, or if you have a non-NTNU IT computer, you can use eduroam. When connecting to eduroam you will be prompted to enter username and password. Your username is, where "username" is your your NTNU-username and the password is your regular NTNU-password. Eduroam is also widely available both nationally and internationally, i.e. at airports and universities.  

Storing files #

  • Documents must be stored on a network drive (i.e. M and K) which gets backed up every hour. Local drives might break down at any time.
  • Your documents folder is synced to your home directory (M), and is therefore a safe storage location.
  • Documents can be saved to “OneDrive – NTNU”. Do an Innsida search on “OneDrive” for more info.

Windows 10 - ePhorte #

ePhorte is by June 2016 still not a 100% approved for Windows 10, and must therefore be run through the Software Farm. To do this, click the Start Button () and type "ephorte" (without quotation marks). Look for the search result "ePhorte 5 (NTNU Programfarm)" (see picture below).

More advanced users of ePhorte might wish to use the button ePhorteOutlook. This can be installed from the Software Center found on your desktop. 

Contact #

Orakel Support Services can help if you have questions or if you encounter difficulties.

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