Fronter is an e-learning platform for students at NTNU Ålesund and NTNU Gjøvik. Via this page you can log on to Fronter and find contact information for help and support.

Norsk versjon - Fronter

In 2017 NTNU is replacing Fronter (and Itslearning) with the new e-learning system Blackboard. On 15 July Fronter close and you will no longer have access. 

See topic page for students and topic page for employees for what you have to do take care of your content, as well as other important information on the transition to Blackboard.

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About Fronter #

When you have registered for the current term, that is, paid your semester fee and confirmed your education plan, you will be given access to your subjects in Fronter. Normally, you need to wait one working day from the registration is completed until you have access. Remember that the sooner you register for the current term the sooner you will be given access, so register as soon as you can after the start of the term. You log on to Fronter with the same username and password that you created when you activated your NTNU account.

Fronter consists of various virtual classrooms, one for each subject. In the different classrooms you can communicate with your course coordinator, supervisor and other students. There are also tools to help you with group work. You can receive messages and information from your course coordinator and supervisor, read and print literature, submit assignments and receive feedback, do group work, etc.

Help and support - Gjøvik #

Help and support - Ålesund #

Contact Studentservice.

  • Email:
  • Phone: 70 16 15 00
  • Where: Ground floor, Section B, Main building.  (Mon.- Fri., 8:30 - 15:00)
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