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Fitness initiatives for employees in Trondheim

Due to Covid-19, the start of joint training for the autumn of 2020 at Dragvoll and Gløshaugen, has been postponed until further notice (31.08.2020).

Fitness classes are available for all employees at NTNU in Trondheim. The page contains information on when, where and a description of the classes.

Norsk versjon - Felles treningstimer for ansatte ved NTNU i Trondheim

Topic page on training for employees | FAQ on training during work hours

Free classes for employees #

  • The classes are free for all employees at NTNU
  • These classes have been created with help from SiT, but a SiT membership is not required for attending
  • The current program is valid spring 2020

Dragvoll sports centre #

Gløshaugen Idrettsbygget #

Description of classes #

Stærke ansatte #

This class involves circuit strength training that challenges your core muscles, strength and condition. 5 working periods à 5 min. Each station has 2–3 exercises that challenge different groups of muscles. The exercises are performed one after the other without pause, and with a difficulty that is adapted to your physical shape.

Wear good shoes. Remember to bring a bottle of water.

Yoga #

Yoga Classes for NTNU Employees will involve both physical poses and breathing exercises, as well as a short mindfulness practice to tackle the physical and psychological effects of work environment and work stress on employees. A typical class will start with some gentle physical practice and will be followed by a relaxation section that may include some breathing exercise and/or a few minutes of mindfulness. The classes will be suitable for most people.

 Although there will be some progression in the physical poses throughout the course, each class will be individually designed so that continuous following will not be completely necessary. Therefore, the participants can easily adjust the class, even after missing a class or two; though, they are encouraged to join the classes as often as they can.

Sign-up #

  • You do not have to sign up for these classes - just show up!
  • Bring you personal work-ID and show in the reception when you arrive

Contact information #

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