Fire safety

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Use of NTNU area #

At NTNU there are regulations relating to areas and campuses

General fire instructions #

Familiarize yourself with #

  • The escape routes
  • Nearest fire alarm button (red box)
  • Extinguishers location and how to use it

If fire occurs #

  • Try to extinguish the fire
  • Trigger manual fire alarm
  • Call the fire department by dialing 110

When the fire alarm goes off #

  • Close doors and windows
  • Close the gas taps and bottle valves
  • Leave the building
  • Go to the meeting place
  • Notify if you know the cause of fire alarm

In the event of fire alarm, do not use lift!

Fire instructions and meeting place for your building: #

Who does what in case of fire? #

  • Line manager's responsibility - The line manager is the Dean/Division Director and Head of Department/Head of Section, that is, the person with overall responsibility for the unit. For external tenants, the line manager is the head of the enterprise.
  • Area leader's responsibility - The line manager appoints the area leader (områdeansvarlig). The site leader’s duty is to help to evacuate people in a given area of ​​the building.
  • Evacuation officer's responsibility - The fire evacuation officer represents the building owner/landlord and meets the emergency services on site.

Need for equipment and report errors #

If you need help with any fire fighting equipment, or if there are any problems with fire fighting equipment, contact Janitorial services

Important contact information in case of an emergency #

Contact #

Fire prevention #

Read more about how you can prevent fire.

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