Financing for studies abroad

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Norsk versjon - Finansiering av utenlandsstudier

Grant from NTNU #

When you submit the application for permission to study abroad, you also apply for the stipend programs administered by the Office of International Relations (NTNU stipend, Erasmus, DNV). The stipend amounts will vary depending on the type of stipend you receive and the length of time you will be abroad.

The NTNU stipend program is competitive and awards are based on academic achievement (i.e. grades). All Erasmus students will receive a stipend. The current rates are for one semester/one year NOK 5000/9000 for the NTNU stipend and between 350 and 400 EUR per month depending on destination for the Erasmus program (as of 2014/2015).

Students eligible for funding from the State Educational Loan Fund should consult for the most up to date information. In addition, there are a number of scholarships available to the USA from outside sources. 

Please see the financing page (in Norwegian) for more information. 

Apply for an educational endowment #

You can also finance your studies by applying for a bursary or endowment (a cash amount). Search at Legathåndboken (the scholarship handbook, in Norwegian) for endowments. Copies of the handbook are also available at International House, the University Library and the bookshop.

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