File Backup

Store your files in your home directory to keep a secure copy in case of loss or computer crashes.

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Backup via home directory #

Every student and employee at NTNU have a home directory on NTNUs network for storing files. A backup is taken of every home directory, every night, so that files can be restored if corrupted or deleted . Students have a maximum disk space of 10 GB. If students are in need of more space (up to 50 GB) please Apply for more disk space. This application is mainly for students who are completing their Master's degree or PhD.

You can connect to your home directory from computers on campus or your private computer. Below you will find some general guides which explain how to connect using different operating systems.

When you have connected to your home directory simply use it as a normal hard drive copying and moving files normally. Later you can learn new methods for more automated backups and synchronization tasks.

Using "offline files" in Windows #

Offline files in Windows allows you to edit your files located on your home directory even when you are outside of NTNUs net or if you lack internet access. When you later connect to the NTNU network and connect to your home directory the edited files will synchonize with those found in your home folders. This way your most important files stay updated automatically.

NOTE that when you are not connected to the internet changes to your files will not be saved on your home directory until you synchronize.

Set up your computer to use offline files #

  1. Open My Computer (Press Start --> My Computer).
  2. In the Tools menu, press Folder Options.
  3. Click on the Offline Files tab and check that Activate offline files is checked.
  4. Also check Synchronize all offline files before logout if you wish a full synch. If you do not check this box you will synchronize faster however you may not always have the latest version of your files unless you check this option.

How to make your files available in offline mode #

When you are done setting up your computer to use offline files you still need to make those files available.

  1. Open My Computer (Press Start -> My Computer).
  2. Double click on the network disk to see the contents. 
  3. Highlight the files or folders you wish to make available in offline mode.
  4. Under File Menu click the option Make available in offline mode. Note this option will only turn up if you have made sure your computer is set up to use offline files.
  5. To make a network file or folder un-available in offline mode, right click it and uncheck Make available for offline mode.

Show a list of available files #

To see a list over files, go to Tools -> Folder Options -> Offline Files -> Show files.

Contact #

Orakel Support Services can help if you have questions or if you encounter difficulties.

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