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Advisors and guidance possibilities for potential exchange students already enrolled at NTNU

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January 28, 2020.

Guidance from the office of international relations in Trondheim, Gløshaugen #

The office of international relations offers counselling with our advisors at Gløshaugen Campus. You can book an appointment with the advisor responsible for the country you wish to exchange to, and receive individual advice here. You can see the advisors and their respective countries in the list below. In addition we offer general advice on exchange studies at Dragvoll campus once a week. For the general advice sessions at Dragvoll it will not be possible to book an individual advisor, but one of our advisors will be there to answer general questions on exchange studies. Check the calendar to see available time slots.

General guidance at Dragvoll Campus, thursdays between 9 January 2020 and 26 March 2020.  #

NB! There will be no general advice session at Dragvoll Campus on thursday 6 February

Country specific guidance at the international office, Gløshaugen Campus #

Where: The international office, weekdays between 10.00 and 14.30. Book an appointment here

  • One guidance appointment lasts 15 minutes
  • You can only book one appointment at a time
  • We offer group guidance sessions for some countries/universities, look below
  • We offer guidance through Skype for exchange to Australia
  • For certified copies you do not need to book an appointment ,just drop by between 10.30 and 14.30 (except lunch break 11.30 - 12.30)
France, Great Britain, Ireland, The Netherlands, The Nordics ex. Denmark Johanne Aarnseth 
Germany, Italy, Belgium, The Baltics, RomaniaWolfgang Laschet
Canada, Poland, Switzerland,The Czech Republic, Hungary, AustriaGunnar Bergseth
Latin AmericaNina Moxnes
Spain, Portugal, GreeceAwat Sarzali
Asia, Russia, AustraliaJulie Park
USA, New Zealand, Africa ex. South Africa Dale Licata
South Africa, DenmarkMichel Bafondoko
Certified CopiesMette Grønnesby

Gjøvik #

  •  Joakim Pedersen Berg:
    • Department of manufacturing and civil engineering (IVB)
    • Department of design, Gjøvik division (ID)
  • Nina Sofie Holt Zachariassen
    • Department of health sciences Gjøvik (IHG)
    • Department of industrial economics and technology management (IØT)
  • Madeleine Brørs Midtgaard
    • Department of information security and communications technology (IIK)
    • Department of computer science (IDI)
    • Department of electronic systems (IES)

Ålesund #

  • Anne Ulla:
    • Department of biological sciences Ålesund (IBA)
    • Department of healt sciences in Ålesund (IHA)
    • Department of international business (IIF)
    • Shipping management (Bachelor) and Nautical science (bachelor)
  • Kristian Severeide:
    • Department of ocean operations and civil engineering (IHB)
    • Departmetn of ICT and natural sciences (IIR)

Online presentations  #

The international office will publish presentations online for some countries and universities. You can see the presentations here.

Video presentation from information meeting regarding exchange studies (Norwegian)  #

 Videoopptak av informasjonsmøte om utveksling 16. januar 2019

Visits from partner universities #

Our partner universities will from time to time visit NTNU and have presentations and information meetings for potential exchange students. You can sign up for the exchange studies information channel on innsida: Utenlandsstudier: delstuder i utlandet for information on upcoming visits and their respective times. We will also publish planned visits below:

Planned partner visits, spring semester 2020:  #

Australia #

Queensland University of Technology

James Cook University

France #

Ida Øhlund from the French embassy in Oslo will visit NTNU and inform on exchange possibilities to France. In addition, Johanne Aarnseth from the office of international relations will advise on exchange studies. There will be opportunities to ask questions. 


University of California, Berkeley: Berkeley Biosciences Study Abroad

Group guidance - Apply for an exchange stay with the help of an advisor #

Group guidance sessions will be announced here:

San Diego State University * University of California, San Diego * University of California, Santa Barbara USA #

Examples of applications to SDSU/UCSD/UCSB are availabe here:

SDSU: Sample Application UCSB: Sample Application UCSD: Sample Application

UC Berkeley, California USA #

University of Auckland, New Zealand #

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