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Learn more about NTNU's partners in the Erasmus programme #

The Erasmus programme is the EU's cooperation and exchange programme for institutions of higher education throughout Europe. As an NTNU student, you are eligible to apply for an Erasmus programme that would offer you access to an educational exchange with universities in a number of EU countries. 

Find NTNU agreements with other universities under the Erasmus programme (page in Norwegian).

Your exchange can last for as little as three months or as many as twelve months, and your coursework is automatically approved as a part of your Norwegian education. The Erasmus programme is well known throughout Europe, and many special arrangements have been established for participating students.

Advantages for Erasmus students #

  • The combination of a Norwegian and a non-Norwegian education can make you more attractive in today's international workplace.
  • The Erasmus programme makes you eligible for an additional stipend 
  • You avoid the regular university application procedure altogether, which saves you time and money.
  • You don't have to pay the university student fees or tuition for your host institution.
  • You are offered a language course and a welcome programme from the host university.
  • You get help finding a place to live.

Support for internships abroad #

In addition to support to study abroad, the Erasmus programme offers stipends for placements and practical training programmes for you abroad. You are eligible for support if you:

  • Are writing your master's thesis for a business or research institution.
  • Have an internship at a business or organization that is not directly associated with a university.

You apply using a form for preapproval of your discipline. You should send an email to your case officer once you have sent in the form. You will be then sent a contract that must be filled out by NTNU, the host organization and you.

The following NTNU student organizations help arrange internships that can be combined with an Erasmus stipend:

Other programmes #

You can also apply to study abroad through the TIME network (only for engineering students). This programme makes it possible to earn a  double master's degree.

The Athens programme provides support for travel expenses associated with intensive technology-related courses in Europe.

EU pages on the Erasmus programme

International pages for the Erasmus student association

Erasmus pages from the Norwegian Centre for International Cooperation in Education

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