Equipment and study aids for special needs students

Both NTNU and NAV, the Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration, have study aids and equipment that can make studies easier and better for students with special needs or disabilties. Norwegian version - Hjelpemidler til utlån

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Study literature #

Lecture notes #

Most NTNU lecturers put their lecture notes out on It' Learning, so that students can have accesss to them. In cases where a lecturer does not supply notes to It's Learning, the Disability Office can help you obtain copies of the notes if your disability makes it difficult for you to write.

Audio books #

If you need audio books, you must contact the Norwegian Library of Talking Books and Braille (NLB). As a blind or visually impaired student, you may have a right to require NLB to produce audio textbooks for your needs -- although this may be limited to Norwegian citizens only. Other students with difficulties reading may not be eligible to have textbooks produced for them, but may have a right to borrow existing books from the NLB's library. All loans are free, and you can borrow as many books as you need. You can find more information on the library's home page, although you will find most information there is in Norwegian. The Disability Office can help you with additional information and with filling out the forms you need to either get copies of audio textbooks or to be given borrowing privileges from the NLB.

Reading aids #

One alternative to audio books can be the use of a text-to-speech program that employs synthetic speech. The Disability Office has a number of licenses for Textaid, an Internet-based program.

Loan of hearing equipment (induction loops/IR) #

Induction loopers can make it easier for you to hear your lecturer during class if you have hearing problems. A number of auditoriums and group rooms are also equipped with IR equipment. You can borrow equipment that enables you to use these set-ups from the AV Services people, with loan periods extending for an entire semester. Make sure to alert the appropriate individuals if there are problems with the equipment.

Rooms with equiped with audio aids #

Here is an overview of the auditoriums and group rooms equipped with induction loops or IR equipment. IL= induction loops, IR = wireless IR equipment

Gløshaugen campus: #

  • Main Administration Building]] (Hovedbygget): Rooms116, 129, 340 (IL)
  • IT Building, south wing (IT-bygget, sydfløy): Room 152 (IL)
  • Central Building 1 (Sentralbygg 1): Rooms 117 (IR), 116 (IR), 113 (IR), 111 (IR)
  • Old Electrical Engineering Building (Gamle elektro): Room G160 (IL)
  • Natural Science Building (Realfagbygget): Rooms CU-1 100 (IL), BU1-102 (IL), AU1-105 (IL), AU1-103 (IL), AU1-101 (IL), CU1-101(IL), BU1-100 (IL)
  • Materials Engineering Laboratory (Verkstedteknisk): Room 245A (IR)

Campus Dragvoll: #

  • Dragvoll 1: Rooms 2305 (IR), 2304 (IR), 2303 (IR), 5302 (IR), 5304 (IR), 5401 (IR),
  • Dragvoll 2: Rooms 10407 (IR), 9441(IL), 10403 (IL), 7338 (IL), 9427 (IL)
  • Dragvoll 3: Rooms 11406 (IL), 11433 (IR), 11447 (IR), 11449 (IR)
  • The Barn (Låven): Room 031 (IR)

NAV Study Aids Central #

Students with disabilities or special needs can borrow a variety of equipment or aids that are specially designed for studies from NAV Study Aids Central (in Norwegian).There you can find more information about your rights and the application forms you need. Applications for aids must be documented by a certificate from a doctor, hospital, speech therapist or similar. You will also need verification from your institution that you are a student, and the duration of your studies.

The Disability Office can help you apply for study-related aids, and provide tips on what might work well in your situation. If you need aids at home, for transport or with an interpreter, you must contact NAV.

See also #

Universell is the Norwegian national coordinator for accessibility in higher education. The group is headquartered at NTNU and is working to bring universal design, to all of Norway's universities. You can read more on Universell's webpages (Norwegian only)

Contact #

The Disability Office: tilrettelegging@st.ntnu.no.

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