EndNote is a reference tool that enables you to store literature references in a personal database. The software makes it easier to add references to a document and produce a literature list with the correct format as required by various publications.

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Availability #

All students and employees may install EndNote on their personal computers. Endnote is installed on a large range of computer labs across several campuses.

This program can also be used on NTNU's Software Farm

NB! The program can only be used for academic work - not for commercial work.

Installation #

Where to get this software #

The software is available on progdist or at your local IT support services office. See the pages on how to download sofware that is available to students and employees for more information on downloading and installing software.

License #

There is a single shared NTNU license for everyone who uses the software, which includes students and employees. If you install the program from progdist, the license should already be in place (licensing is automatic). If you should need the license information, look in the Readme.txt file in the EndNote folder on progdist.

Software information #

Distributors #

Developer: Thomson ISI ResearchSoft, USA

Norwegian distributor: Alfasoft AS, Lillestrøm

Tlf: 64 84 15 90

E-mail: info@alfasoft.no

Versions #

EndNote X7 (Windows) og X6 (Mac)

For news about version X7, see information at Alfasoft

About the program #

EndNote is a reference tool - software for finding, registering, organizing and using literature references. For more detailed information on EndNote, see the developer's software information.

Several literature databases have functions that allow you to export directly to EndNote, which makes it very easy to add references. In EndNote you can also directly search in all the external literature databases that UBiT subscribes to. This is possible for all databases that uses the Z39.50 search protocol (such as Bibsys), which applies to the majority of the databases that UBiT subscribes to.

EndNote can be used directly in Microsoft Word and LibreOffice by using the "Cite while you write" option.

Help #

Contact #

Oracle Support Services can help students install the software. Employees need to contact their local IT support


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