Email and Calendar in Thunderbird for employees

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This page shows employees how to setup Thunderbird or other alternative e-mail clients. Corresponding information for students here: Setup student email account in Thunderbird

Norsk versjon - E-post og kalender med Thunderbird for ansatte

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Email settings #

  • IMAP server:,
  • Saftey/connection: SSL/TSL (port 993),
  • Authentication: your regular password and username
  • SMTP server:, port 587
  • Safety: STARTTLS, your regular password and username

Calendar in Thunderbird #

  You can use the new NTNU calendar if you install the Lightning for Caldav plugin. Download via the Extensions menu item in Thunderbird, by choosing Tools (Verktøy) -> Extensions (Utvidelser):


 Use the search field to find Lightning:


Select Install(Installer), then Restart(Start på nytt).

Once the plugin is installed, you need to set up a connection to the Caldav server.


Select File(Fil)->New(Ny)->Calendar(Kalender) ->Create new calendar(opprett ny kalender) and choose Online(På nettverket) 


If you have several NTNU email addresses #


  • Your primary email. The primary email registered in the new system can be found in Webmail. Choose english as your language. Then the calendar folder will be called Calendar, not 'kalender' (Norwegian). 
  • The name of the calendar folder. This is affected by your language choice the first time you logged in to Webmail. You can find the folder name in Webmail.


  •   (with https first)[emailaddress] 
  • Example: (with https first) (shown in Norwegian Thunderbird below) 


 Enter the name of the calendar (Navn) and choose the color (Farge) to be used for meetings (can be changed later).


 Check that the email address is connected to the correct email account in Thunderbird. If you are not logged in in Thunderbird, you will have to authenticate with the Caldav server using your standard username(Brukernavn) and password(Passord). Remember to check Use Password (Bruk Passordbehandling) so that Thunderbird will remember the password.


  NB: If the log in/authentication against the calendar server fails:

  •   Check your email account settings : choose Tools(Verktøy), Account Settings(Kontoinstillinger) and Server Settings(Tjenerinstillinger)
  •   Check that the sercurity settings have the connection safety SSL/TLS and authentication method: regular password (Vanlig passord) 


Contact #

Orakel Support Services can help if you have questions or if you encounter difficulties.

If you have tips to improve this guide, please send an e-mail to

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