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Målgruppe: Medarbeidere Tema: Administrativt

Temaside: NTNU elections | Norwegian verson: Valg ved Vitenskapsmuseet 

Elections at the University Museum #

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The election will be held electronically from May 12th to May 14th 2020.

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Information on elections at the University Museum.

Museum board elections (see below) for the academic year 2020/2021 #

The following elections will be held: # #

Museums Board:

  • Temporary scientific staff - Both member and deputy member should be elected. Nominate candidates within April 21st. 

The election will take place electronically from May 12th to May 14th.

Nominations of employees #

Employees with voting rights are eligible for their respective groups as long as they have an employment relationship that covers the relevant term. Temporary employees are elected for one year. Norwegian is the official working language at NTNU. Applicants must have documented language skills to manage the position. You can be nominated and re-elected even if you have had the position before.

Due to the Korona situation at the moment there is no need that the proposal for candidates must be signed by other voters. It is enough that the candidates have been requested  and thta the election committee has approved these proposals. Who has the right to vote is stated in section 3 of VR.

Proposals must be received by April 21st. Scan and email the proposals as an attachment to Anne Karin Henning. For nomination form, please visit this webpage. 

Information about the museum board #

The board is responsible for setting goals and strategies for the unit and making priorities within the framework given in regulations and overall level decisions. You can find more information here

Election committee   #

The members in the The Election Board are: 

  • Geir Furhovden, Advisor, museumadministration
  • Randi Krog, Executive Officer, INH
  • Terje Thun, Associate Professor, NLD

Management regulations

Regulations for elections at the NTNU 

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