Elections at IE

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Information on elections at the IE Faculty. Norsk side om valg ved IE.

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Presentation of nominated candidates #

Candidates from the group of scientific staff #

  • TBA

Candidates from the group of temporary scientific staff #

  • TBA

Candidates from the group of administrative and technical staff #

  • TBA

Faculty Board Elections for the term DD Month YYYY – DD Month YYYY #

The Faculty Board consists of the following members. You may vote during the period DD–DD Month.

  • 3 members and 3 deputy members representing the group of scientific staff
  • 1 member and 1 deputy member representing the group of temporary scientific staff
  • 1 member and 1 deputy member representing the group of administrative and technical staff

Suggest candidates for the Faculty Board #

All staff and students at NTNU with the right to vote may submit proposals for
candidates from their own group. The nominating committee at the latest must receive the suggestions on Month DD 20YY at 12:00. Scan the suggestion letter and send it by email to Anne Kristin Bratseth (secretary of the nominating committee).

According to the Regulations for election to the Board, Faculty Board and Department Board, the proposals must be signed by at least 3 persons
with the right to vote. See §3 in the regulations on who has the right to vote. See §4 on who is eligible for election. All candidates must be asked beforehand.

 Download form: Candidate proposal to the Board 


  • Week nn: Announcement of election at Innsida
  • Week nn: Nomination deadline
  • Week nn: Presentation of candidates
  • dd–dd Month: Election
  • Week nn: Presentation of election results

Nominating committee #

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