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Edit your profile page

Your profile can be used to display information from a variety of sources alongside your bio. How detailed it is is up to you, but you should routinely ensure it is up-to-date.

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Is my profile visible to others? #


Yes. When you edit your public profile from the "My Profile" tab in Innsida, all the changes you make will be visible on your public employee profile page. Your find your public employee page's address almost at the top of the "My profile" page (see number 5 in the image below).

If you are unsure what a profile page is, here is an example


Yes. Your profile is visible to university students and employees who are signed in, but not for the general public.

Change your profile #

A quick introduction to how you edit your profile page:

Key to my profile page #

Key to My profile page

  1. Profile. Under this tab you can edit your profile picture, background and activities.
  2. Publications list. Books, articles or other publications registered in Cristin.
  3. Contact details. Under this tab you can fill in and edit the following:
    a) Email, telephone, office address (from the telephone catalogue).
    b) Links. Links to your projects, courses, blogs, and your social media profiles
    c) Name, position, and your employment group. Consider adding an alternate position description that is more descriptive of the work you do or role at the university (such as HMS Coordinator, Lab technician, or Department Head, as opposed to simply Higher Executive officer, Engineer, or Professor). 
  4. Password. Link to changing your NTNU password.
  5. Your public URL. Click NTNU icon to see how to hide your public profile.
  6. Profile picture. A picture of you, also used as an avatar when you comment in Innsida. Also used in Outlook.
  7. Background and activities. Write about your research, background and responsiblities. List and link courses you teach.
  8. Keywords. Relevant tags from Cristin.

How to write about yourself  #

You can post more detailed information about yourself in the section entitled Background and activities section (4 above), including a description of your job responsibilities, background, research interests, and more. What follows is a suggestion for how best to structure your content. Divide the text into four paragraphs and use Heading 3 as the heading for each paragraph. 

  1. Discipline /work area
    Describe your current work assignments/responsibilities
  2. Expertise
    Describe your expertise and skills
  3. Background
    Provide a brief summary of your resumé. Write a bulleted list showing your education, work experience, committee appointments and so forth.
  4. Special Interests
    You can post information here about your interests and hobbies if you want to share this information with others. 

Note that you can also upload a file with your CV in the left margin on your profile page, and you can also display keywords and subject areas that are appropriate for you. You enter these words in Cristin. Here’s how you enter keywords and subject areas in Cristin.

Public profiles vs. #

Your public profile #

Here you can add information of a public nature, such as current and former projects, tasks, field of research and so on.

The webserver #

If you wish to make a more personalized website, all students and employes can use the webhost for this purpose.

Video: Edit your profile page #

Icon]]: Play video. Link to video on editing your profile page (in Norwegian). Watch the video on how to edit your profile page (in Norwegian, 12 minutes)

Screen capture: Video on how to edit your NTNU profile page. Link to video.

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