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NTNU provides lots of software to students. This article is meant to give you an overview of what you can get, and how you can get it.

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What can you get? #

NTNU has a number of software programs available for students, many of which can be installed on your private computer in addition to NTNU's computer labs. Note that all NTNU software have to be uninstalled after you've completed your studies.

Here's how to download software #

You have to go via a channel called Progdist (Program distribution) to get software -- a description of how you connect to Progdist via Windows, Macintosh or Linux can be found below.

Progdist online #

Progdist is available online: You use your regular NTNU username and password.

You download the program as a packed tar-file, and you need to unpack  it to use it. Mac OS X, Linux and Windows 8 and 10 can do this just by double-clicking or right-clicking the file, choosing extract. For other operating systems such as Windows 7, you can use 7-zip and then install the software.

 Remember to delete the transferred file after installation.

Some of the programs #

Under "Common Software" are some of the programs that are available. By selecting an application and machine type (Mac, Windows or Linux) a "package" with the program is transferred to your computer and the program will be installed by clicking on the file name. Read "Install Instructions". There you will find  the license code you need.

All programs you can get #

All programs can be found under the option Browse from the menu or by selecting "Browse more software and older versions" under program list. This will take you to the file folders where programs are stored (Progdist). Select the program   and scroll down the folder levels until you find the folder with what you need. Select Download for this folder. This folder and all its contents are transferred to your computer and the program can be installed from this transferred folder. For windows the folder is transferred  as a compressed file named “folder name .tar”. Such a .tar file can in Windows 8 and 10 be unpacked and the installation started  by double-clicking or right-clicking the file, choosing extract.   The Windows program 7-zip is an alternative..

For Mac and Linux a complete installation file is downloaded, and the installation is started by clicking on the file name for this file.

Note that the installation instructions and license code for each program are in the files  Readme.txt (English) at the top folder level for the program. Note that these files will contain the new license code you need when you are notified that the license code for your application must be updated.

Progdist as a network server #

Progdist is available via NTNU's network, which you can access from your SiT apartment, if you are within reach of the NTNU wireless network on campus, or via VPN.

Be aware of the traffic limit if you stay in a student village.

Operating system:Path:How to connect:
Windows\\\progdistStep by step Windows
Mac OS Xsmb:// by step Mac OS X
Linuxsmb:// by step Linux

Note: You log in using your NTNU username and password. Is it however important to use the domain win-ntnu-no. Look at the guides below for further information.

Instruction for installation and licensing can be found in the Readme.txt-file in the same folder as the software you are trying to install. We recommend you copy over the installation file to your local disk first, and then install it from this location.  

Progdist divisions #

Progdist is divided into two categories. The placement of a program on Progdist is decided by the type of user agreement NTNU has signed for the particular program.

Campus folder: Software available freely to all students and employees. 

Betal (Pay) folder: Software available only for specific employees at specific faculties. This is typically where some faculties have bought a limited number of licenses. There are a few programs available for students in this folder, and if you need any of these you can contact the Orakel Support Services.

Cannot find the software you are looking for? #

There is software that is only available to some faculties or institutes. You have to contact your faculty or institute for the installation procedure for such software. Students at IE or IV can also try Gurutjenesten.

If you need a specific software to a course at NTNU, your student assistant or your teacher will know how to get the software.

Licensing #

There are two ways to license software:

  • Site licensing - the program can be used by an unlimited number of users
  • Size limited license - only a certain number of users can use the software simultaniously. The number of users is controlled by a license server.

The software can be a standalone installation or an installation which you cannot use without connecting to a license server. If licensing from a license server you have to be connected to the NTNU nettwork when using the software - directly  or by using VPN software. Standalone installed software can also be used when the PC is not connected to a network.

License code

The license code is an activation key or an installation key:

  • Activation key: The software is activated by using the internet - the software works only after activation.
  • Installation key - the software works at once  when you have installed the license key.

Alternative: Software Farm (Programfarm) #

With Software Farm, you can access software without having them installed on your own computer. You can also access the same files and folders no matter where you are and which computer you are currently using. You use your regular NTNU username and password to log in. 

Contact #

Orakel Support Services can help if you encounter difficulties. If you are an NTNU employee, consult your local IT Support.

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