Dividing up expenses

What to do when travel expenses are to be divided up among different people. Norsk versjon - Dele reiseregning

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Divvying up travel expense account #

Even if the costs of travel are to be divvied up among a number of different people, it is probably easiest for all involved if just one person pays for all of the travel expenses, and then the costs can be divided up among the parties afterwards. We recommend this approach whether the costs are to be shared among different groups at NTNU, or between groups at NTNU and external partners.

Tell the travel agency that the invoice is to be divided up #

Remember to tell the travel agency who will actually pay for the travel. The travel agency can then include this information in the bill, which will make it easier for NTNU to either collect the money internally or to send the bill along to the responsible party. You are responsible for providing enough information by possibly adding additional information to the bill.

Contact #

Your travel contact (Norwegian only) in the Personel Division.

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