Digital registration of grades - for academic staff

This page provides information about how to register grades in Inspera Assessment for subjects that does not have a digital examination and grading in Inspera. 

This applies to per example oral or practical exams, or other exams that are not suitable for digital examination. In this type of digital ecaluation a test spesifically for digital registration of grades in Inspera Assessment. This will replace the traditional assessment list (sensurliste) on paper. 

Norsk versjon: Digital registrering av sensur - for vitenskapelig ansatte

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Before registration of grades #

  • The administrative planner:
    • Administrates the exam in Inspera Assessment - this functions as a placeholder only, but is necessary for registration to work
    • Register grader committees in FS
  • The candidates 
    • attend the exam

Grading #

Here you can watch a video showing how to register grades in Inspera Assessment. The video is in Norwegian with English closed captions.

When done grading, please login to Inspera Assessment using your FEIDE username and password. Choose the tab "Grade":

Choose the course in question and you will enter the grading page of the exam:

To add your grades, click "Open Final Grading", and the following window will appear:

Click "Download" in the top right corner, and some different options will appear. Choose "Grades to Excel:

You have now downloaded an excel file, where the candidates in your comitee is listed. Enter the grades for each candidate and save the document.

NB! All grades have to be filled in to the excel-list. This is also true for "F" and "NotPass". If a candidate is not supposed to recieve a grade (e.g. if the candidate did not attend the exam), leave the result cell empty. Alphabet grades (A-F) must be written in capital letters, while passed/failed must be written as Pass/NotPass.

Fill inn all the grades, and upload the spreadsheet to Inspera by clicking "Upload" in the top right corner, followed by "Grades from Excel":

Click "Browse" to find the correct file:

When the upload is complete the dialogue box shows information about the number of updated rows, i.e. candidates. If the number indicated in Inspera deviates from your expectations, check that every candidate that is supposed to be graded is registered with a grade in the file, and that the grades are written in the correct format. Click "Done" to close the dialogue box.


  • Grades from the spreadsheet will overwrite existing grades in Inspera
  • You can re-upload the spreadsheet as many times you want. New uploads will overwrite existing grades
  • Candidates who haven't started the test will get status "Submitted" if a grade is imported
  • Empty cells in the Grade column in the spreadsheet will not overwrite existing grades in Inspera
  • If you have registered a grade by mistake you can reset/remove the grade by clicking the arrow on the left:
  • When a candidate is imported from Excel you can change the grade by simply clicking another grade

Confirming final grades #

When the grades are uploaded, click on "Confirm Final Grading":

All the graders in the comitee must confirm the final grade. If one or more of your fellow graders has yet not approved the grading the message "Waiting for other graders to confirm" will appear. 

When all graders have confirmed final grading, the planner may transfer the grades from Inspera to FS. Please inform her/him that the grades are registered. The grades will be accessible to the students through "Studentweb".

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