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This site contains information about how to deliver your home exam, report, hand-ins, project assignments, bachelor´s- and master´s thesis, as well as other graded assignments digitally in Inspera Assessment.

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1. Preparations for your home exam

  1. Open Inspera. Log in with your Feide username and password.

  2. You can change language by clicking the cogwheel in the top right.

  3. Navigate to demo tests and choose "Demo Upload assignment/innleveringseksamen", as shown below.

  4. Open the test if your browser is approved.
    1. If your browser is not approved we recommend that you open Inspera in the last version of Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome, and try again.

  5. Read the information in the demo exam and choose a file to upload. When you have successfully uploaded the file, you will see a box like this one:

  6. Note that the demo exam consists of multiple pages. Navigate to the second page and read the information about uploading attachments.

  7. The file(s) that are uploaded will be automatically delivered once the deadline is reached. You can replace the files whenever you want before the deadline, also after selecting "Submit now". (NOTE: For bachelor- og master theses you have to actively select "Submit now". Uploaded files are not automatically delivered once the deadline is reached.)

2. During the exam

  1. Open Inspera and find your exam under "My tests".

  2. Read the task(s) carefully, and answer them to the best of your abilities. (Good luck!)

  3. If you are to deliver an anonymous exam, make sure to remove personal information from your document(s).

  4. Upload your answer. In most cases you are asked to upload a PDF. We have guides on how to convert text files to PDF's on Innsida.

3. After the exam

If you wish to go through your submission after the exam you can find it by logging on Inspera and navigate to the Archive pane. Here you can download your submissions from your earlier digital exams.

4. Frequently asked questions about digital submissions

  1. Log into – But there is no test under “ My tests”. This mainly has two possible reasons.
    1. The browser has cached an empty version of the page – try incognito/private browser window.
    2. You are missing approval of necessary assignments or you are not signed up for the exam – contact your institute.
  2. Not able to upload your file/answer
    Solution: This might be happening when you are trying to upload a file type that is not permitted. Your course-lecturer can define what filetypes are permitted .pdf for example. This information is visible above the upload button.
  3. You wish to deliver the test after the deadline.
    Solution: Your institute/faculty has to decide if you are allowed to deliver after the deadline, contact your student adviser.

Special needs accommodation

Questions regarding special needs and time-extensions, send us an e-mail at
Please put "Special needs - Inspera" as your subject.

Please check this article for more information about special needs accommodation.


Cheating on exams can result in annulation of the exam in which you cheated, in addition to suspensions from the University, and loss of the right to take the exam at other universities end university colleges. For more information, see. NTNU's site on cheating on exams.

Contact & Support

Orakel Support Services.


Tlf: 735 91500

Also see checklists and quick-quides at Inspera’s website.
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