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This site contains information about how to deliver your home exam, report, hand-ins, project assignments, bachelor´s- and master´s thesis, as well as other graded assignments digitally in Inspera Assessment.

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1. Preparations for your home exam

Due to the ongoing corona virus situation, there will be extended use of hand drawings and software for coming home exams. Pay close attention to information from your subject teachers, Innsida intranet and Studentweb. It is expected that all students have made themselves familiar with the necessary tools before the exam day. Read the user guides relevant for your exam well in advance of the exam day.

Other important preparations are:

  1. Internet:
    We recommend that you use wired internet access during the exams if available. If you do not have the option of using wired internet access then we recommend that you have your computer as close to the wireless access point as possible with a stable connection. You may want to advise other users of the network you are on that the exam is being conducted so that they may adjust their use of the shared network if necessary.
    If you happen to lose your internet connection then there are some other options you can consider like using a mobile device to setup a shared internet connection.

    Updated computer:
    Update your computer a day or two before the exam to minimize the risk of it auto-updating during your exams. If you do not have a working computer, please contact Orakeltjenesten support services. They can provide you with support and knowledge about the exam system Inspera Assessment.

    Borrowing a computer from NTNU:
    If you are unable to resolve the issue and you are unable to acquire a computer by other means, please fill out this application form to borrow a computer from NTNUs IT-department. Please note that the supply of computers is limited. This is a temporary solution for home exams due to the corona virus.

  2. Log in to Inspera Assessment.
    We recommend using the browsers Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.
    Log in using your NTNU FEIDE username and password.

  3. Navigate to the "demo tests" tab and choose a demo test relevant for your home exam.

  4. The home exam in Inspera Assessment can include both questions to be answered directly in Inspera, or as file uploads. Most home exams will have an auto delivery feature enabled. This means that what you have done and / or uploaded will be delivered automatically when the exam time expires. This differs from school exam and bachelor/master, where you have to manually deliver. As with the school exam, what you do in Inspera is automatically stored in intervals.

    File upload questions will give you confirmation when a file is successfully stored. You may remove or replace existing files. Only the last version will be available for the graders.

  5. Your exam will be visible in Inspera Assessment under "My Tests" a few days before the exam date. If the test is not visible the day before the exam, contact your department.

  6. Taking an exam abroad? Make sure to be aware of timezone differences.

2. During your exams

  1. Log in to Inspera Assessment and find your exam under "My tests".

  2. Read the information on the cover page and the question text carefully.

  3. If your submission is supposed to be anonymous, make sure you remove author metadata from your files.
  4. Remaining time for your exam will always be visible in the top left corner, as a countdown.

  5. Be sure to upload any files before the exam time expires. Do not wait until the last possible second. Your submission will be locked when the exam time expires.

  6. Make sure you have submitted the correct files. It is your responsibility to ensure that all files are uploaded before the exam time expires.

  7. If you experience technical problems during your exam or when submitting your answer, contact technical support immediately. The contact information is stated on the cover page of the exam, and/or in the test's information box when you view the test in "My tests" on the dashboard in Inspera.

3. After the exam

You are expected to verify that what you have delivered is correct. If you deliver before the examination time runs out, go to the question set and check your answers. Download any files you have uploaded and review the content.

If you would like to view or download your answer after the exam, log in to Inspera Assessment and navigate to the "Archive" tab.

We recommend that you save copies of your exam answers as you will lose access upon completion of your study at NTNU.

4. Frequently asked questions about digital submissions

  1. Will we have to use Safe Exam Browser for home exams?
    No, home exams will be performed in your normal browser without any lockdown in regards your internet or software on your computer.
  2. Are there any technical requirements for home exams in Inspera Assessment?
    Inspera Assessment does not support Internet Explorer, we also recommend you have a monitor larger than 10", any smaller screens might have issues with displaying the question set properly. Other than that - no technical limitations to note.
  3. There is no test under “ My tests”.
    Your exam will be visible under "My tests" about 1-2 days before the exam date. If the test doesn't appear, this mainly has two possible reasons:
    1. The browser has cached an empty version of the page – try incognito/private browser window.
    2. You are not registered for the exam. Check your exam registrations in Studentweb. If you are not registered for the exam, contact the Examinations Office
  4. Not able to upload your file/answer
    This might be happening when you are trying to upload a file type that is not permitted. Your course-lecturer can define what filetypes are permitted .pdf for example. This information is visible above the upload button.
  5. Problems with delivery before deadline
    The administration at your department manages submissions. Contact your department administration if you have trouble delivering. The Orakel support service can also help with questions, however they do not have access to manage the submission in the Inspera Assessment on behalf of the department.
  6. You wish to submit after the deadline
    For ordinary home exams it is the department that decides if you are allowed to submit after the deadline has passed. Contact the administration at your department and attach a copy of the answer you wish to submit.

Relevant guides

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Special needs accommodation

If you have dyslexia and wish to notify the grader(s) about this you can do so by attaching a dyslexia certificate to their answer. If you don’t have a digital version of the certificate at hand, fill out this form. The dyslexia certificate will then be uploaded as an attachment to your answer by the Examinations Office after the exam. This attachment will not be visible for you in the “Archive” tab in Inspera.

Please check this article for more information about special needs accommodation.


Cheating on exams can result in annulment of the exam in which you cheated, in addition to suspensions from the University, and loss of the right to take the exam at other universities end university colleges. For more information, see. NTNU's site on cheating on exams.

Contact & Support

Orakel Support Services.


Tel: 735 91500

(Note that the phone number for technical support for an ongoing exam may differ. You will find the correct phone number on the cover page of the exam.)

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