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On this page you will find explanations of words and expressions concerning digital exams.

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Glossary #

Activate test  #

Makes the test visible for the candidates, and the test opens at the given start time. 

Assessment settings #

Tab in the test setup where the Planner defines grading scale and, if desirable, Threshold values  

Assign candidates to grading committees  #

Assigning the candidates on a test to one or more grading committees. This is done in FS and must be done if the test is to be ready for grading. Note that for group-based tests, the assigning of candidates is done directly in Inspera. 

Author #

A role in Inspera given to both academic and administrative staff. Allows the user to create questions and question sets (academic staff) and connect question sets to tests (administrative staff).

Design (Candidate User Experience) #

Settings that affect the candidate user experience. Both Author and Planner can set these settings. 

Digital examination system and Digital grading system #

Fields in FS that can be equipped with Inspera flag. Digital examination system enables creation of a test, while Digital grading system enables the transferring of grades to FS, as well as creation of a grade registration test. 

Disconnect from FS #

If a test is to be group based, the test must be disconnected from FS. That means that information no longer flows from FS to Inspera, but information still flows TO FS (i.e. grades can still be transferred to FS for group-based tests). 

Extra time #

Planned extra time for candidates with special examination arrangements imported from FS. 

Final grading #

Where the graders agree on the final grades 

Grade registration test #

A test that acts as a placeholder for digital registration of grades. There is no examination in this test, just registration of grades. 

Grader #

A role in Inspera given to users connected to a test as grader. Academic staff get Author and Grader as standard roles. 

Grading committee #

One or more graders who are to grade a test. Grading committees are set up and managed in FS. Note that for group-based tests, grading committees must be managed directly in Inspera. 

Incident extra-time #

Extra time given if something happens, e.g. on the day of the test. Extra time is set in minutes. 

Individual end time #

Submission deadline per candidate imported from FS. Overrides the submission deadline on the test. 

Individual marks and grades #

All submissions are marked and graded by all Graders in the Grading committee. Marks and grades are private until the graders reach the collaborative marking stage. 

Inspera flag #

Flag registered on the “examination unit” (“vurderingsenheten”). This enables Planners to create FS-based tests, and enables the import of information from FS to Inspera. 

Invigilator password #

Password set by the Examinations Office. Required if e.g. something happens to the candidate’s PC during the exam.  

Planner #

1. Role in Inspera, given to administrative staff. Enables users to create and manage tests. 2. Anyone who creates a test is automatically set as Planner for that test and can manage the test. There can be multiple planners per test. 

Question #

A single task within a question set. 

Question set #

One or more questions. The question set is connected to the test and delivered to the candidates. 

Question type #

Inspera provides several different question types 

Automatically marked – question with a clearly defined solution where Inspera helps with correcting and marking 

Manually marked – questions without a clearly defined solution. The grader must correct and mark manually 

Not marked – questions not for marking. The question type Document, which is used for the cover page, is found here 

Quickmode #

View of the test setup that doesn’t show the test settings 

SEB (Safe Exam Browser) #

Software that allows candidates to bring their own device without having access to the internet/local storage 

SEB-password #

Password set by the Examinations Office, required for logging in to and opening the test. Candidates find the password in the exam location 

Shared marks and grades #

The grading process starts with collaborative marking. Each grader in the committee marks each submission/question. Marks and grades are shared between the graders. Recommended if the graders within a committee want to mark specific questions (e.g. Grader1 marks questions 1-3, Grader2 marks questions 4-6). 

Sketches (Scantron) #

Possibility for candidates to submit handwritten/-drawn sketches/illustrations/calculations along with the digital submission 

Standardmode #

View of the test setup that shows the test settings 

Start date (for assignments only) #

Field in FS, imported to Inspera. Defines when the test opens, and doesn’t indicate when the candidate started working on the assignment 

Submission deadline (for assignments only) #

Field in FS imported to Inspera. Defines when the test closes, i.e. when all answers must be submitted 

Sync test #

Synchronization between Inspera and FS due to new information in FS after the test has been created (i.e. new candidates, new start date/deadline, new graders, etc.) 

Templates #

Ready-made test templates where some settings have been pre-defined 

Test #

An examination, corresponds to a single examination unit in FS 

Threshold values #

Setting which enables the grader/graders to score each individual question using marks and let Inspera calculate the final grade based on values defined by the grader. Threshold values are automatically enabled for question sets containing automatically marked questions. If not, this setting must be enabled by the Planner. Note: Although threshold values are enabled, graders are not required to use them. The values themselves can be amended after the test has finished and the grading has started 

Transfer grades to FS #

When the grading has finished, the grades can be transferred to FS, provided the examination unit has an Inspera flag registered for Digital grading system 

Your grading #

A grader’s personal marks/grades

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