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Teaching and user support for digital exam at the faculty of natural science for exams held autumn 2019. Are you looking for something else? Digital exams and submissions or Digital exam for students

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About digital exam at the NV Faculty #

For the autumn semester 2019 there are 109 out of 146 (74 %) written exams being held digitally (the exam system Inspera in FS). This includes semester tests and written exams in combination with other forms of evaluation and corresponds to 3828 students. There are 20 course codes with bachelor – and master projects that are submitted in Inspera, corresponding to 66 candidates. The statistics are per October 2019.

The course offer and user support at the faculty of natural science is based on the evaluation of the digital exams carried out during the spring semester of 2019. For the autumn semester 2019: start of the exam period is 25th of November and lasts until the 20th of December. 

Different courses are offered for the course responsible and for the administrative staff. The exam office will hold courses for the departments who requested it. The user support team offers the following courses:  

Refresher course in digital exam #

The course lasts 2 hours, however, it is possible to stay for 1 extra hour to ask additional questions and receive user support. A large part of the course is dedicated to work sessions where we will make questions and question sets.   

  • How does the system work?
  • How do you get started?
  • How do you make a digital exam?
  • How does grading work, and which resources are available to aid you in the process?

Date and time #

  • Thursday 24. October (NO) at 12:00-15:00 Room C1-126
  • Friday 25. October (ENG) at 09:00-12:00 Room C1-126

Course in portfolio evaluation #

The course will deal with the workflow in Inspera for different forms of evaluation, with focus on the grading process. Important keywords are portfolio evaluation, and export/import of points.

  • Tuesday 5th November at 09:00-10:30 Rom C1-126

Sign up for the courses before 21 October, 2019

Work sessions #

This is a questions and assistance session for the course responsible. Bring questions and cases in connection to digital exam and receive help from the user support team. It is possible to order work sessions for the departments in the final weeks before the start of the exam period (4th – 22nd November).

Sign up for work sessions occurs by the head of office of the department reporting the following to Ida J. Ulseth within the 1st of November:// 1) interest in having a department specific work session 2) which dates and times are suitable, 3) if the department has rooms available for the session.

Training administrative staff #

The faculty has established a monthly forum for the department executive officers where among other topics, the digital exam is discussed. Several executive officers participated in courses and work sessions regarding the establishment of digital exams, during the autumn 2018 and spring 2019 semesters.

The exam office in collaboration with the faculty is holding a course for the administrative staff at the faculty of natural science on the 23rd of October 08:30-11:30.

In addition it is possible to contact the user support at the faculty:

The user support team at the Faculty of Natural Sciences #

The faculty has hired two postdoctor/PhD candidate to aid with training and user support at the faculty in a 25% position through 2019. In addition there are two resources at department level.

Microsoft Teams – local user support

The user support team has established a FAQ in Microsoft Teams where you can aks questions. Under «Files» you will find presentations from the indtroduction course. Click to gain acess: MS Teams (code «nq01h72»)

Get in touch for questions

As the course responsible you can contact the user support if you have question/recquire assistance with regards to the digital exam.

Contact person NV Faculty departments #

IFY, IKJ, IBF, IBA (Ålesund) Inge Madshaven -

IBI, IBT, IKP, IMA Marie Døvre Strømsheim -

Part of user support at the Faculty of Natural SciencesHanne-Sofie Søreide (IMA) -
Karen Karoline Høisæter (IKP) -

The contact person at the NV Faculty for digital exam is Ida Johanne Ulseth (, please get in touch if there are questions.

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