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This guide will help you select the correct solution for storage and processing of information, including research data. The storage guide gives an overview of the storage solutions assessed by NTNU, provides information about designated usage, and tells you how to access the different solutions. In addition, the data collection guide and the storage guide provides information that can be used when creating data management plans.

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Information security and classification #

NTNU guidelines state that information must be classified in order to determine the value and identify the need for security and protection.

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What physical storage media can I use?  #

Physical storage media refers to local storage and processing of information, for instance your computer (Mac, PC or hard drive).

Information classification:PublicInternalConfidentialHighly confidential
Privately owned laptopOKNONONO
Privately owned desktopOKNONONO
NTNU-acquired desktop (self-administered)OKOKNONO
NTNU-acquired laptop (self-administered)OKOKNONO
NTNU-administered desktop – encryptedOKOKOK NO
NTNU-administerd laptop – encryptedOKOKOK NO
USB drive/external hard driveOKOKNONO
USB drive/external hard drive - encryptedOKOKOK(1)OK(2)

(1) The data must be stored in encrypted form on the storage media and the password kept in a separate location. Read more about how to encrypt files.

(2) The entire drive/disc must be encrypted with a strong password (read more on how to make passwords). The password must be kept in a separate location.

Storage services and collaboration platforms #

Storage services and collaboration platforms refer to cloud services or servers at NTNU. Click on the different solutions for more information.

Information classification:PublicInternalConfidentialHighly confidential
Personal cloud storage (dropbox, google drive ++) OKNONONO
NTNU Home directory («M:-drive»)OKOKOKOK (1)
NTNU Shared directory (T:-drive, group, project, etc.)OKOKNONO
NTNU-administered Dropbox (contact Orakel)OKOKNONO
Office 365 (SharePoint, Teams, Onedrive)OKOKOK(1)NO
NTNU NICE-1 - Storage solution with added securityOKOKOKOK (1)
NIRD (tidligere Norstore, driftes av Uninett Sigma2)OKOKNONO

(1) Data must be encrypted. Read more on how to encrypt O365 files using AIP here or how to encrypt other files with 7-Zip 

(2) Risk level is assesed on individual basis, see the HUNT information page for more information.

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Contact #

Contact if you have questions regarding the storage guide or suggestions for improvements. 

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