Cross campus courses

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On this page you will find information about the different ways to conduct cross campus teaching at NTNU. You will also find some general recommendations to considering before teaching cross campus courses.

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The purpose of teaching cross campus courses is to teach students on two or more of NTNU’s campuses, from one lecture hall. To succeed in this form of teaching it is important that the students receive an equal study offer regardless of which city they study in.

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Usually the education will be done synchronized or asynchronously. Real time cross campus teaching is synchronized lectures between two or more lecture halls, or in webinar form via online collaboration tools such as Blackboard Collaborate.

It is possible to teach cross campus courses asynchronously as well. This happens when the lecturer travels to the different campuses or if pre-recorder educational material is shared with the students.

To succeed with this form of teaching it is important to look at the whole course design to ensure learning activities that support the description of the course and the assessment methods used.

Rooms that can be used for real time cross campus courses #

The following rooms can be used for real time cross campus teaching:

The rooms have the same technical infrastructure, in Zoom Rooms, and is rigged to support cross campus teaching in real time.

The academic communities that are participating in the project “Interaktive læringsareal” are prioritized for booking the rooms. Other academic environments that wish to use the rooms must book the room via https://innsida.ntnu.no/romreservasjon

User support and training #

Please contact Orakel Support Serivce if you have questions about the technical system. The academic environments that partake in the pilot are offered training in technical use of the rooms.

Other solutions for teaching cross campus courses #

Cross campus teaching can also be conducted in real time with the aid of suitable digital interaction tools.

Read more about the usage of webiar as an arena for digital learning. It's possible to conduct real time education using only online services. Webinars in Blackboard Collaborate is one example.

Please note that Blackboard Collaborate should not be used for education between rooms in Gjøvik, Trondheim or Ålesund. Blackboard Collaborate should be used for education where every participation participates via web browser and are not located in the same lecture hall.

 Helpful digital tools for digital collaboration when teaching cross campus courses #

  • O365 – services and functionality for digital collaboration
    • Teams
    • Sharing of files and folders
    • Document collaboration and co-authoring (Word, OneNote etc.)
  • Tools for groups in Blackboard
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