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How to create a website on NTNU's systems. 

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Create new website #

Do you need a website for a conference or a project arranged by NTNU? Contact your local webmaster to create a new website, or send an e-mail to the customer support group  web@komm.ntnu.no.

Remember to include an answer to the following questions in the e-mail:

  • What will the website be used for?
  • What is the site going to be called?
  • Are you publishing in Norwegian or English?
  • Who will have access?
  • When do you need the website?

Remember to specify if you want the contect in Norwegian or English. Norwegian sites will be on www.ntnu.no, while the English sites will be created under www.ntnu.edu

F.A.Q. #

?  What URL can I get for my website? #

The article domain names at NTNU outlines a set of policies that regulate the university's official domain name ntnu.no, as well as the structure of the website and the URLs used for official webpages.

?   How do I create a help page in Innsida? #

How to create a website for the internal network

?   Does NTNU have a blog option for those who want to blog?  #

Yes. NTNU has a basic blog service for employees and groups who want to share original posta and images from activities related to NTNU's operations. The blog service is not an alternative for official webpages, but a good supplement. For more information see the norwegian article: Bloggtjenesten.

Write Access #

For users #

  • For ntnu.no - Contact your local webmaster to gain access to websites on ntnu.no and ntnu.edu.
  • For Innsida - Contact your lead webmaster or Orakeltjenesten to gain write access to Innsida.

For webmasters and local IT #

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