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Course calender week 14 #

Important: Different online-rooms are used for each course, please remember to click on the correct link below to get to the correct course.

Course calender week 13

Course descriptions #

Recommended preparations for all participants:

New! Sharing Experiences - OneNote as a Digital Board in Collaborate and Campus Teaching #

Target audience: Everyone  
Prerequisites: None
Length: ca. 60min

In this webinar, Lars Hansson (IV / IHB) will explain how he sets up and uses OneNote in his mechanics course. He has succeeded in using this in both in on-campus teaching in auditoriums and now that he has switched to online teaching, digitally as well. Lars will also explain how he facilitates online exercise sessions (øvingstimer) for his students, participants will be shown how to get started on their own. There will be time to ask questions during the session. Lars speaks Swedish, and technical support will be on hand to answer questions from the participants in Norwegian and English.

New! Sharing Experiences - Building Virtual Relationships with VEiT (Virtual Experts in Team)  #

Target audience: Everyone  
Prerequisites: None
Length: ca. 60min

Being able to work together collaboratively and be creative are highlighted as traits students need for the future world of work. The world is becoming smaller, and working together from different locations is becoming more and more relevant and normal. How can we build collaborative skills and poitive working relationships digitally? Experts In Team at NTNU now have a pilot project, VEiT, which, among other things, explores building virtual relationships. In this webinar you will gain experience of  some of the exercises VEiT has used, for example “ice breakers”. In addition, they will share some experiences from working on the project so far.

Foundation course - Collaborate introduction #

Target audience: Everyone who will be contributing to teaching with CollaborateIn this session we will go through the basics in Collaborate
Prerequisites: None
Length: ca. 45min
In this session we will go through the foundational aspects of Blackboard Collaborate:

  • how to set up online teaching in Collaborate
  • how to share the link to your Collaborate room with your students
    • The advantages and disadvantages of sharing a guest link
    • The advantages and disadvantages of sharing the Collaborate tool
  • user interface in Collaborate
  • how to share content
    • Files
    • Applications and screens
  • there will be time to ask questions at the end of the session

Theme course - Collaborate and student activity #

Target audience: Educators who wish to learn more about how to create student activity in Collaborate
Prerequisites: Basic knowledge of Collaborate; see the description of the foundational introduction to Blackboard course.  
Length: ca. 70-90min 

This is a hands-on session in Collaborate where we will show you examples of how to increase student intearaction in an online session. The participants will get to experience breakout groups from a student perspective. Some of the activities with use Mentimeter and it will be handy (but not mandatory) to have access to a mobile phone to fully engage with these part of the session.

  • Part 1: "Check-in" activities 
  • Part 2: interaction in presentations
  • Part 3: breakout groups and participant-activities
  • Part 4: "Check-out" examples
  • we have allowed time for questions and answers after the webinar

Open "office hours" - Blackboard and Collaborate #

Target audience: Everyone who has questions about Balckboard and/or Collaborate
Prerequisites: None
Length: ca. 60min 

This hour is an online open office hour without a pre-prepared agenda. Here you will meet NTNU’s Blackboard specialists. Everyone can ask questions in the chat. You can also use the ‘raise your hand’ function in Collaborate and wait your turn to ask a question live. We will answer you as well as we can.

Sharing experiences and advice #

Sharing experiences and advice around online teaching is important in order to improve the quality of the education we offer our students. NTNU would like to facilitate this. Please contact us by email at kontakt@lss.ntnu.no if you can contribute and want to share and discuss your experiences and any tips or advice you may have for other educators in NTNU's learning community. We want to hear from you! 

Resources from previous webinars and courses   #

Moving from face-to-face to online #

Dr. Shaun Nykvist (in English) talks about pedagogical considerations when moving from face-to-face to online teaching and learning.

**Theme course - Video in teaching** #

Mari-Ann LetnesOve Østerlie & Alex Strømme discussion and demonstrate didactic and practical teaching experiences around creating and using videos in teaching

This page will be updated with times and links of courses in online teaching for NTNU stuff. The courses are produced and offered by NTNU's support services and don't require registration.   

Important: This page is dynamic and that means that course times can change, or as a worst case be cancelled due for illness, childcare-issues or other unavoidable side-effects caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

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