Course evaluation - for course coordinators

As course coordinator you should evaluate your course and report the results to the head of the department. This page describes the process of conducting an evaluation and writing the report.

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Goals for quality assurance of courses #

The goal is to ensure that the course's teaching goals are updated and relevant, that the teaching activities in the course contribute to the students' learning and that the teaching goals, learning activities and assessments forms are related and appropriate for the course.

Course coordinator's quality assurance tasks #

  • The course coordinator leads the course team.
  • The course coordinator is responsible for planning, coordinating and running the course in such a way that the relationship between learning outcomes, learning activities and assessment is appropriate and helps the students achieve the learning outcomes for the course.
  • Each time the course is held, the course coordinator should complete a course evaluation. The course evaluation should include a student evaluation, usually based on the reference group's feedback. Every third time the course is held, the course coordinator should actively gather feedback from all of the course's students to ensure that all the students are represented.
  • The course coordinator should write a course report every time the course is held. The report should be sent to current students enrolled in the course, the Head of Department, and the Head(s) of the Study Programme. The report is made available for student representatives at the department, the faculty and the programme of study and the reference group for the next three times the course is run.
  • The course coordinators should follow up the plan of action as decided by the Head of Department.

Student course evaluations #

All course evaluations should contain student evaluations.

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