Corona - Guidelines for fieldwork

In fieldwork, students and staff collect data or carry out tasks in their discipline. Fieldwork takes place outside NTNU’s ordinary environment for work and learning.

Norsk versjon: Retninglinjer for feltarbeid

For NTNU employees, students and associates, who participate in field trips.

These guidelines also apply to field courses, research voyages (fieldwork expeditions on vessels/ships/boats), student assignments outside NTNU’s premises, on-site inspection, and excursions/business and industry visits.

Ordinary work-related travel is not regarded as fieldwork.

General requirements #

Risk assessment, before fieldwork #

  • Fieldwork outside your own municipality must be considered especially carefully. Several municipalities have established their own guidelines to reduce the risk of infection. How will this affect the fieldwork project?
  • How will the participants get to and from the fieldwork site? This must be weighed against the requirements for social distancing and the risk of infection.
  • How is the opportunity to maintain good hand hygiene? Is it necessary to bring water and soap, or any means for hand disinfection?
  • How does a participant get home if he or she develops symptoms of acute respiratory infection, or suspects Covid-19? In such cases, public transport should be avoided.
  • Sanitation and, if relevant, accommodation (living and eating conditions, including cleaning) are regarded as especially challenging in terms of infection risk.
  • Is job rotation possible? (to avoid several participants getting sick at the same time).
  • How long will the fieldwork last?
  • Are there guiding principles from the sponsor/contract partner for the fieldwork?

Contact #

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Reference internal documents

Rector’s memo 10 November 2020  “Fysisk tilstedeværelse på campus – om hjemmekontor og digitale møter under koronapandemien” [“Physical presence on campus – about working from home and online meetings during the coronavirus pandemic”]

These guidelines are subject to: Policy for emergency response capacity
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