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Student exchange fall semester 2020 and/or spring 2021 #

Norsk versjon - Korona - Utveksling

Last updated: 30.06.2020

The Office of International Relations will keep all exchange applicants posted on all decisions regarding the matter on this page.  

Exchange stays spring 2021 #

Incoming exchange students #

More information for exchange students planning to study at NTNU. 

Outgoing exchange stays #

It will be possible to apply for an exchange stay for spring 2021. More information to follow. 

Training practice/placements at the Faculty of Medicine and Health #

All student exchange stays (incoming and outgoing) at the Faculty of Medicine and Health that involves training practice/placements in the health services during Spring 2021 are cancelled. This applies to practical studies, field studies, clinical teaching, internship, and similar arrangements that the departments at the faculty have established for student mobility.

Other student mobility (incoming and outgoing) at MH will follow central guidelines at NTNU which are being prepared.

Exchanges stays fall  2020 #

Student exchange stays to and from all countries – including Europe – are cancelled.   #

NTNU’s rectorate has opted to widen the previous cancellation of exchange stays to now include all countries, and not just the previously decided countries outside of the EU. All exchange stays are cancelled for the fall 2020.  

NTNU cancels all exchange stays abroad because of the responsibility NTNU has for its students, both at home and abroad, and because we put the safety and health of our students first.  

The spread of the Covid-19 internationally creates insecurity for travelers, and the Norwegian ministry of foreign affairs is currently discouraging all travel that is not strictly necessary – to all countries. Travel restrictions in other countries are also continually changing and creates an even more unreliable situation.  

In addition, exchange stays within Europe are cancelled in order to ensure security and predictability for our students. Several of our partner institutions are preparing for online courses only in the fall semester, and it is difficult to predict how the final course offer will be.  Also, exchange stays lead to considerable expenses and commitments for travel and accommodation. NTNU cannot guarantee for the overall quality and safety with regards to exchange stays as for the fall of 2020 – regardless of potential changes in recommendation from the ministry of foreign affairs. 

Do you instead want to go on student exchange in the spring semester 2021?  #

  • Register a new application in Søknadsweb within 15 September 2020. A new pre-approval of courses must also be filed.  
  • Write in the comment section of the application if you applied for an exchange stay for the fall of 2020. This will give you priority for the spring 2021 exchange semester. 
    • Note: 
    • Priority will only be considered for the spring of 2021 
    • Priority does not apply for placements abroad, or other exchange stays where your study programme nominates applicants. 
    • Priority is only valid if you are applying to the same institution as the fall of 2020. 
  • Please make sure that you study programme will allow you to go on exchange in the spring instead of the fall semester before you apply. 

Regarding the possibility of exchange studies during the spring semester 2021, NTNU is planning to reach a decision this fall. Until then, we advise students not to make any financial commitments related to exchange.

The Office of International Relations will inform NTNU’s partner institutions about the cancellation. If you have applied for an exchange with one of our partners, it is not necessary for you as a student to contact them.

Regarding expenses related to planned student exhange stays #

  • If possible, we recommend that all expenses regaring your planned exchange stay are delayed for as long as possible
  • If you have to but tickets or pay other expenses, try to get refundable options.
  • Check the possibility to have expenes refunded through insurance or other means.
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