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The right to copy and reuse text created by others is regulated by Norwegian copyright law, more specifically the Kopinor agreement.

At NTNU, The University Library is responsible for upholding the Kopinor agreement. The library is also responsible for providing students and staff with sufficient information on how to use copyrighted material, in order to avoid copyright infringement.  On this page, you will find information about materials that are free to copy and use without having to contact copyright holders in advance.

Norsk versjon - Hva kan du kopiere

The Kopinor agreement #

Through the Kopinor agreement, students and staff may photocopy, download and print materials without having to contact the copyright holders to request permission.

The agreement covers copying that is initiated by NTNU, and gives you the right to copy any type of published material – Norwegian and international – such as books, journals, magazines, newspapers etc., as well as content found on the Internet. The agreement does not cover sound files and film, computer programmes or games, or the original copies of visual art and photography.

The agreement rests on the premise that the copying does not replace, but rather supplements, the purchasing of published materials from the bookshop, photo archives etc.

There may exist separate licencing agreements for various digital products. If so, the Kopinor agreement is secondary to these arrangements, and the separate licence must be respected and upheld.

You may copy the following materials #

Public laws, regulations, judicial decisions and the like are not protected by copyright, and are thus free to use. The same applies for propositions, reports and other official documents related to and issued by the local or national government.

You may, however, also copy material that is not free of use.  If so, this needs to be cleared with Kopinor, and it will often involve a fee. In this case, the process of clearing materials is similar to the process of clearing compendia.

Books #

Students: Up to 15% of the total amount of pages per course, per semester. The use of such book extracts should always be cleared in BOLK.  Read more about how to make a compendium and make book extracts available to students.

Staff: Up to 15 % of the total amount of pages. You may still copy a complete chapter or equivalent, a complete short story, or a complete scene from a play.

Academic journals #

From one issue:

Students: up to one article per course, per semester.
Staff: up to one article.

Newspapers, open access journals etc. #

You may copy this material freely. The same applies for material that is openly available online.

 Music sheets #

Single sheets and collections of sheets:

Up to 15 %, but a maximum of 10 pages from each publication, but still a complete movement or equivalent for theory lessons.

Cite the source #

Remember that you need to list the name of the author, as well as the title of the work or publication, when you copy materials.

Compendia #

  • Compendia that consist partly or wholly of material that is covered by the Kopinor agreement should be produced according to the established terms of use. You will find more information at Kopinors website.
  • The Kopinor agreement

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