Configuring LDAP

Tutorial on how to configure your email client for NTNU's LDAP service. This lets you access contact information in your e-mail client.

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Connection information #

  • Client: at.ntnu.no
  • Encryption: TLS eller SSL
  • Port number: 389 for TLS eller 636 for SSL
  • Base DN: ou=people,dc=ntnu,dc=no
  • Searchable attributes: mail, cn (navn), sn (etternavn)

Connect with Thunderbird #

Step 1:

Start Thunderbird and open the Address book. Click on File - New - LDAP directory ...

If this step is not available:

Click instead Tools > Account Settings > Composition and Addressing > Use a different LDAP server > Edit Directories.

After step 3, you will have to select "NTNU" on the dropdown under "Use a different LDAP server".

Step 2:

Fill in the following information. Hostname: at.ntnu.no, Port number: 636, check Use secure connection (SSL), Base DN: ou=people,dc=ntnu,dc=no

Step 3:

Open the Advanced tab and fill in "mail=*" as your search filter. Press OK. The address book is now configured. To use it,  create a new email, click on View - Adress book in sidebar. Choose your new address book.

Connect with Outlook #

Step 1:

This guide only applies to students. Employees use Exchange as their e-mail system, which has integrated address book functionality. Click on File - Info - Account Settings


Step 2:

Click on the tab Address Books, and click on New ...


Step 3:

Click on Next, fill inn the server name "at.ntnu.no". Click on More Settings ... and click OK.


Step 4:

Fill in the connection information Port: 636, ande check Use Secure Sockets Layer.


Steg 5:

Fill in the search base "ou=people,dc=ntnu,dc=no", when choosing Custom. Click on Apply - OK - Next - Finish - Close. Restart Outlook.


Step 6:

Click on home Home, and open the Address Book. Click on the tab Tools and click on Options ...


Step 7:

Choose Custom. Move the client address at.ntnu.no to the top of the list, choose this client in "When opening the address book, show this address list first"


Step 8:

Click on OK and restart Outlook. The address book is now ready to be used.

Contact #

Orakel Support Services can help if you encounter difficulties. If you are an NTNU employee, consult your local IT Support.

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