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Employees are entitled to a visual examination and an assessment of their need for computer glasses or corrective safety glasses.

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What are computer glasses? #

Computer glasses are glasses that enable the user to see as well as possible at a computer workplace. There are 2 different types of computer glasses: Single vision and office progressive. The optician will determine which lens is the right one for you.

Employees who regularly and most of the day spend the time in front of a computer have the right to an eye examination to determine if they need computer glasses. If the optician determines that you need computer glasses, the unit will cover the cost of glasses, fitting and simple frame. If you want more expensive frames, you have to pay it yourself. In such cases NTNU will pay NOK 200,- incl VAT. The unit covers the cost related to the examination, the glasses and fitting. The optician will send a bill to the unit.

If the eye examination reveals issues that should be examined by an eye specialist, you will be sent to an eye doctor. If the issue is caused by your computer workplace, the unit will cover your portion of the fee of a standard eye specialist appointment.

The computer glasses that NTNU purchases for you are the property of NTNU and should be used for work related to NTNU.

How to get computer glasses #

  1. Ask for a referral for a visual examination from the prescriber on your unit.
  2. The prescriber fills out the referral with the following description: Visual examination: Assessment of need for computer glasses.
  3. Make an appointment yourself for a visual examination at the optician with which NTNU has a purchase agreement (use the search word "databrille").
  4. Fill out a measurement form for computer glasses.
  5. Bring the referral and the measurement form to the examination.
  6. You will be called in by the optician for a possible new assessment of your need for computer glasses 2-3 years after your first visual examination. Your expenses for a new examination will be covered, assuming that you are still employed by NTNU.

NTNU i Gjøvik: #

Referral #

On the referral, fill out Visual examination: Assessment of need for computer glasses in the description ("Beskrivelse") field (see image below). You get the a referral from your prescriber. N.B: You only have to bring the white part of the referral to the optician store. (Brilleland AS)


Complaints #

If the computer glasses do not work, you have to complain to the optician as soon as possible, not later than 3 months after receiving the glasses. Any expenses related to complaints are covered by the optician.

Reuse of glasses #

All NTNU employees are encouraged to hand in their old, but usable, glasses to optician with which NTNU has a purchase agreement. The glasses are given to the organisation "Vision for all" and they send the glasses to people in the 3rd world.

Help and guidelines #

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Approval/signature #

Approved by Director of HSE - March 16th 2016 - HMSR19E - ePhorte 2013/11282

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