Cleaning procedures during the corona pandemic

Norsk versjon: Renhold under koronapandemien

Information to staff and students at NTNU about cleaning during the corona pandemic. The site is updated with current information at all times. Local adaptations in Ålesund and Gjøvik are specified. 

The following applies from August 10, 2020.

If you have questions about cleaning and equipment for this, send your inquiry to the e-vaktmester or 


What Campusservice does as special infection prevention: #

  • Clean all touch surfaces in areas used by several daily (door handles, card readers, handrails, tables and chairs in eating areas, washbasin, toilet, etc.)
  • Clean sanitary, eating areas, mini kitchen and classrooms daily
  • Provides washbasin guidance and available hand disinfection at entrance in building
  • Provides disposable cloths and hand disinfection in classrooms and eating areas
    • Ålesund: Ensures placement of hand disinfection at strategic locations in common areas

Floors are cleaned according to service description for cleaning.
If you have any questions, please contact the e-vaktmester.

Specific infection prevention measures user should take: #

  • Ensure good hand hygiene and follow the current advice on preventive infection prevention from the National Institute of Public Health at all times
  • Possibilities for hand washing, or hand disinfection as well as equipment for necessary, local cleaning is easily accessible
  • Touch surfaces and common equipment in classrooms, meeting rooms and other common rooms (eg meeting tables, other types of tables, armrests, touch panels, keyboards, microphones, work equipment, etc.) must be cleaned by the user even before and / or after use. Consider replacing equipment with alternatives that are easier to clean / disinfect. Plastic film can possibly be used over, for example, keyboards and mice. This must be exchanged between each user.
  • Clean your own dining area if the room is used by several

In order to ensure infection control for all and ensure adequate cleaning on campus, it is especially important that 1 m distance to all is complied with.

How to clean surfaces, equipment and other things yourself: #

  • Use disposable microfibre cloths with water or wet wipes made available by Campusservice.
    • Ålesund: Use paper and disinfectants (70% ethanol)
  • Remember to wash your hands after cleaning

FHI's facts, advice and measures for sectors outside the health service #

Information on cleaning and disinfection for COVID-19 in sectors outside the healthcare service can be found on the FHI website.

Change history #

Update 16.11.2020

  • No longer cleaning between lectures at 10.00, 12.00, 14.00 and 16.00 in the large auditorium.

Update 19.08.2020

  • Cleaning in auditoriums between lectures

Update 10.08.2020

  • More spesific explanation on what users must clean themselves.

Update 26.06.2020

  • The information is valid from 10 August 2020
  • Cleaning of classrooms cahnged to daily
  • Users must clean tables before use. Cleansers will also do this. 
  • Campusservice make wet wipes available, not disinfectants (70% ethanol) in common room
  • Added info on cleaning and disinfection by covid-19 to sectors outside the health service

Update 03.07.2020

  • "What Campusservice does as special infection prevention":
    • Removed "Clean touch surfaces in traffic area 2-3 times daily", as this is covered by bullet point 1.
  • "Specific infection prevention measures user should take"
    • Removed "the individual user must consider all touch points as "unclean" (bullet point 1)
    • Added meeting rooms and other common rooms under bullet point 3
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