Change language in Windows and Office

This article explains how to change language in Windows 7/10 and Office 2010/2016

Norsk versjon - Endre språk i Windows 7 og Office 2010

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Windows 10 #

Method 1: Software Center #

Open the Software Center and search for "languagepack". 

Open and click Install. Reboot your computer and the changes will take place.

Method 2: Control Panel #

Open the Control Panel and click Add a language (found under the category Clock, Language and Region).

Find your preferred language and click Options.

Select Make this the primary language.

Log off and on again to makes the change take place.

Windows7 #

From English to Norwegian: #

Open Start - Control Panel and press Change display language.

Choose norsk (bokmål) in the drop down menu.

Log off and on again.

From Norwegian to English #

Open Start - Kontrollpanel and press Endre visningsspråk.

Choose English in the drop down menu.

Log off and on again.

Office 2016 #

You can also change the language of the Office Suite without changing the language of the operating system. 

Search your computer for Office 2016 Language Preferences.

Make the changes you wnt to make and click OK.


Office 2010 #

Start - All Programs - Microsoft Office - Microsoft Office 2010 Language Preferences

Choose language for editing, display and remember pressing Set as default (Sett som standard) for each of them. Press OK. The change will take effect after you restart Office.

Contact #

Orakel Support Services can help if you encounter difficulties. If you are an NTNU employee, consult your local IT Support.  

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