Care for close family members

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You are entitled to unpaid leave for up to 10 days to take care of close family members who need nursing or care. Close family members are your parents, spouse, cohabitant or registered partner.

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Apply through the HR-portal for leave to care for close family members

Typical situations are where the person who needs care cannot manage by themselves and needs to be accompanied to a doctor / dentist, specialist or hospital for acute illness or for tests. Everyday activities such as housework and shopping are excluded.

Under the Working Environment Act, there is no statutory right to salary for this type of leave. However, the Basic Collective Agreement allows for leave to care for close relatives in some cases when it can be granted as compassionate leave.

The same rights apply to next of kin for children with disabilities or chronic illness after they have turned 18.

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For questions related to this type of leave, contact your nearest HR representative

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